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This was an odd film for me, because there were stories I really liked and stories that gave me the creeps.

Stories I liked

Ashutosh and Tehzeeb. Oh, how lovely that story was, and no, it isn't just John Abraham and his portable wind machine which is making me say that. That couple went through hell together and then she loses her memory in a tragic accident? A well turned amnesia plot is always welcome to me because I am really in love with the melodrama to an embarrassing degree. And John Abraham does cry very beautifully. And isn't bad at dancing around a room with his shirt off either. But still I liked it because he won her over a second time round with the power of his devotion and his words even though she didn't remember him at all. Or maybe she just saw him without his shirt off...

And astonishingly the Raju-Stephanie story was also quite lovely. What's not to like in 'a woman gets in cab while on the search for her rat ex-boyfriend, cabbie drives her all over India to find him even though he's fallen madly in love with her' narrative? Admittedly Govinda isn't anyone's idea of a studly person but that makes it all the sweeter. And when Stephanie gave Rohit the smack-down that was quite wonderful.

Stories I didn't like:

The Kkhameni/Rahul one. And I don't think it's because I don't like Salman Khan either. That one was beyond creepy what with stalking of actress being turned into a love story. Who one earth would trust a sleezy guy like Rahul who just pops up with all your details on his computer and smirks wildly at you? Also the couple kept talking in the third person which was very weird.

And the Shiven-what's her name one was also rather horrid because Shiven was an unmitigated git. Okay, he got better, but still he was bad marriage material even in his reformed state. And it was hard to feel that much sympathy for his drippy bride to be who would marry Rohit even after it was clear he was an utter rat even if she did eventually decide for Shiven instead.

Er, do you think it's odd when you are watching something and you think 'x person on LJ would love this?'
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