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So, um, since seeing a picspam for a Korean romantic comedy Seducing Mr. Perfect I have become rather, shall we say, fascinated by Daniel Henney, model, actor, and (apparently) singer.

Of course, fascination leads to picspams.

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This is the man himself striding towards the camera in a purposeful way. I am not sure what he is selling, but I'd buy it.

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In the shower. Selling something else.

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A somewhat strange pose on the beach. All that salt water will ruin those clothes!

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Daniel as the awesome character Philip, laughing with the heroine of Spring Waltz. Pity as secondary leading man he is doomed not to get the girl

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Philip and hero of Spring Waltz lolling on a bed and laughing together. Very, very suspicious given that the hero is obsessed with finding his lost first love and yet has time to indulge in suggestive scenes.

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Philip trying to persuade the heroine to go somewhere. I am not sure where because this one the DVD with the non existent subtitles and Chinese dubbing. But I suspect it was a bit of a disaster because he knows about the same amount of Korean I do and she knows three words of English.

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And for those of you who don't think that Daniel Henney is freakishly good looking, here's a soulful shot of the hero of Spring Waltz playing piano.

Spring Waltz has some very odd subtitles. I'm a bit annoyed as I bought it as a legitimate copy. And on disc three they're out of whack with the sound, so you get the subtitle before they actually say the line.

Okay, I strongly suspect that Philip did not just say to the empty room of the hero:

"While you were gone I enjoyed for you." Enjoyed what? Surely you and piano playing, emotionally distant hero are not having that sort of relationship? But come to think of it there was that time in the Austrian ski resort where you were lolling on the same bed and looking very happy about it. (There's a picture of that scene behind the cut)

It's always a bad sign when the subtitled English is different from the English characters are saying.

But the show does have some lovely scenery and the music is quite gorgeous. Lots of classical music and soulful piano playing. And staring. And Daniel Henney
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