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And some other people, too, but they're not as interesting.

So far, piano playing hero has not worked out that heroine was his first love and whose life his father destroyed (some of it inadvertently). But it's a'coming, I tell you. Which will be difficult as Philip, his best friend, is also madly in love with heroine (can't blame him as she is super cute and much bouncier than I'd be with her difficult life). I can feel the angst on the horizon and it involves a love triangle.

So far Philip is miles ahead of hero on the charming stakes. But as the less tortured person he will lose the girl. It's all about the ability and background for proper angst, sadly. He has, however, bought the heroine a second pair of shoes, spent the night in a hotel with her, gone to see her mother's grave, and managed to get in a head resting on her shoulder thing while pretending to sleep. Sadly she wouldn't kiss him, foolish female! I am amused that every one's reaction to seeing Philip is to be astounded by how good-looking he is. This is entirely deserved, of course: Daniel Henney (see below) is almost inhumanly attractive.

Annoying secondary female is really irritating. Yes, I know that you think hero is your first love (he isn't - he's another kid whom the grieving parents of first love substituted because they couldn't admit their son was dead) but still. It's clear he's not interested in you one bit and you blithering on about your 16 years ago liking is not really changing that. He's playing that piano for his true first love and clearly is not keen on marrying you no matter what you do.

In conclusion: there are pretty people, very pretty people. there is moping, piano playing, and shoes. Also angst, but only the minor sort that signals that the good stuff is on the horizon. I can tell because no on has done angsty driving or had to stand in the rain crying yet.

ETA: The subtitles continue to be interesting... They've only become unintelligible a few times, though sometimes it takes a minute or two to work out what people are saying. A few times I have managed to feel superior because even with my 20 words of Korean I'm pretty sure that's not the character just said.

ETA: Sample subtitle: 'Bili got Enying the job for to meet everyday. That is bunnies.' [what? how? bunnies????!!!!]

And secondary female how are you not aware that the hero is not interested in you? Are you that monstrously vain?

ETA: Have just realised that hero's mum is probably a nutter and will cause problems for heroine. In excellent dorama tradition. She should really run off with Philip whose parents are conveniently absent.


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