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Okay, so let's compare up the two men in the heroine's life and see how they square up. So far in my opinion Philip is ahead. But that may be because he is played by Daniel Henney. I am indeed that shallow.

1. Is superhumanly goodlooking. So much so that even people who don't like him must comment on it when they meet him
2. Has little angst
3. Has no horrid dorama parents. Okay, so maybe there's a loopy dad or mum tucked away somewhere, but so far being parentless is a big plus
4. Has leapt under a falling stained glass window to save heroine, so willing to sacrifice life for her, which is always useful
5. Buys shoes and dresses for the heroine. Always nice to have a man who will buy things.
6. Doesn't speak Korean very well so a bit of an issue with communication with the heroine. However, she can just gaze on his amazing features and think about how very goodlooking he is while she wonders what on earth he is saying

1. Is super famous piano player and must have tons of money
2. Is childhood love, though she doesn't know it yet. In Korean drama that means he is the only man for heroine
3. Is sort of attractive, though his hair teeters perilously close to a mullet at times
4. Has lots of angst and will probably be the sort to stand in the snow moping, which is apparently the Korean way of saying that you have much love. I rather approve of this.
5. Is burdened with loopy parents. His mum is a little too attached to him to be quite normal and anyway pretending that random boy is your dead son and substituting him is not exactly the greatest sign of mental health
6. Has a mad fake first love who is making heroine's life miserable through petty insults
7. Is not (and this is the most important thing) acted by Daniel Henney
8. Er, I think from various flashbacks that his dad - besides stealing the heroine's money which she needed for a life-saving operation - may also have sold her into slavery. That would give me pause if I were heroine.

ETA: And it goes way off into slashtastic territory with hero and Philip having a tear-filled scene, where hero tells Philip that he is everything to him and he loves him.

ETA 2: And even more slashtastic because of subtitles which have Philip saying to hero in broken-hearted and angry way 'recently I don't satisfy you.'

And I like the fact that they use 'please fall apart' for 'please break up.'
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