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It's the second time I've seen The Runaway Bride and I liked it even more this time around. Donna is loud and brash and noisy but she was also oddly reflective and perceptive. And saw the humour in it all. And slapping the Doctor will never not be fun to watch. Plus any woman who can run around through all of that mess and still keep her wedding dress white is possessed of some superhuman talent which needs to be patented and marketed.

The funny thing is that I think that as a companion she worked really well because she was the emotional lynchpin of the episode, the one that points out the consequences and flaws of the doctor - in much the same way that Sarah Jane worked last season. The Doctor needs someone who really has no idea of what is going on so he can explain things to the audience them. If the companion knows a lot that's not going to happen. But if they can combine that with the companion also being a reflection of what the Doctor is and how scary his life is and how damaging he can be, then that is a situation made of win. Yes.

And as for Martha and the moon bound hospital of Space Rhino Infestation, she was quite lovely. Though I am not sure I needed it said out loud quite so often how smart she was. I get it! I am quite sure she is smart: please do not hit me over the head with it.

Space Rhinos are great, too. But Space Bunnies would be better. Why you not give me Space Bunnies, Doctor Who? Is it prejudism? I bet it is.

Also my little [livejournal.com profile] doctard heart was warmed by the way the Doctor tossed that slut the sonic screwdriver aside when it broke. He'd never do that to the TARDIS.
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