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This will, I promise, be the end of my moaning about this kdrama. The strange thing is that I can see that this has a lot of good bits and if I did not by now loathe the hero so much (not to mention Hee-jin, the Secondary Female Lead) I think I would find it a lot better at the end. As it is, I just think he's a complete jerk and completely self-absorbed. And I still want him eaten by bears. Big, angry bears.

But most of all I hate Hee-jin. I especially hated it when we got the big reveal that her current illness was...anorexia. Look, I don't mean to say that that's not a serious illness but this being used to rouse up my sympathy for her tragic circumstances when she looks perfectly healthy and seems to be doing alright for herself what with Daniel Henney hanging around her all the time like a lost puppy who has just smelt bacon. Also, I don't think that much of the actress. She's only (IMO) got three facial expressions - all of which I am supposed to find endearing - and I already got bored of them in 'What Planet Are You From.' And I know dorama science is not exactly science of this world* but do they normally do cat scans and head x-rays when they bring you into a hospital with anorexia? It seems a bit of overkill to me and I would think they'd be worried about other bits of your body first.

ETA: I should say that what I do love is Sam-soon's family. Her sister and her mother are quite smashing especially when they are beating people who have done Sam-soon wrong about the head. Sometimes they beat other people too and that is almost as entertaining, though I do like the bits where they hit Sam shik the most. I would probably have liked this show if after episode 7 or so all it had was various members of the Kim family hitting Sam-shik.

* We should never forget that it was a dorama that confidently asserted that a car accident could give you eye cancer years later. Stairway to Heaven, your cracktastic plots will never cease to amaze.
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