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Because I cannot contain myself because of the unpopular opinions seething up inside myself I will be committing the cardinal sin of liveblogging (well, only liveblogging in Canada). Sadly, I am missing the first episode of heroes for this and 'Last of the Time Lords.'

I hate Lucy Saxon. So far, I have been spending most of 'The Sound of Drums' wanting to smack her. I don't find her interesting, I just find her smirky and as bland as bland can be. If there was an encyclopedia entry for bland evil she'd be in it.

But plus points for managing to make the master genuinely quite horrible and threatening for the first time in forever for me. Of course, actually having him go through and kill off huge chunks of the world's population gives this version a huge advantage in that area
ETA: Plus look at what he did to the TARDIS! Shocking, absolutely appalling. It offends me even more than the decimation of the world's population.

ETA 2: Well it seems that RTD agreed with me and gave up on Lucy Saxon as well. Though I am intrigued at the presentation of what happens when a woman actually decides to live the adoring politician wife routine in private as well as public. I guess it helps if you only have about three brain cells and aren't confused with things like ethics or morality.

ETA 3: Oh, Professor Docherty, you're a traitor. *sob* I am saddened because of how much I liked her from those few minutes when she wasn't stabbing Martha in that back. Actually, I am immensely impressed by how much RTD has made me invest in minor characters, like Chantho in 'Utopia.'

ETA 4: I am tremendously amused by the fact that apparently the only person around who doesn't love the Doctor and want to spend all their days being cradled in his arms is the Master. I am quite, quite happy at this: you can get the whole world to love you so much they regenerate you but the one other Time Lord in existence would rather die than be with you. Except for the bit where he's apparently got a back up escape plan. If it involves that twit Lucy I will be sad.

ETA 5: I really like Martha. In fact, I quite love Martha. I am not sure where liking her slipped over into loving her but it happened. However, the least interesting thing about her was her crush on the Doctor. It just sort of came out of nowhere and served very little narrative function. Usually I just rolled my eyes when it came up. This is not because I have a problem with the Doctor having a relationship with her, but that Martha just seemed really uninteresting when she was moping over him and interesting in other situations. And she seemed madly invested in that love awfully fast.

But strangely I did rather like when she actually told the Doctor about it because I think it was important to her that he know and also because the Doctor just likes to avoid things he doesn't want to hear and she made him listen. Plus that manic bit at the end when he was trying to get her to travel with him reminded me of the last Doctor when he was trying to get Rose to go with him the first time. Maybe the Doctor will end up moping over a picture of her which would be a sort of poetic justice.

And in thrilling news of crap movies I started watching 'Damon and Pythias.' I haven't seen the titular heroes yet but there are baddies with excellent short tunics riding around and killing off old men. Well, only one old man and he was evil. They chucked money at him first, though, which seems very wasteful.
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