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I opted for Torchwood over Moonlight because there is only so much smelling of the past that a human being can endure (though in the ad breaks I caught a few bits which didn't exactly lure me back)

I really liked Gwen. She was great and that's the best thing they brought over from Who - the reaction of an ordinary person when faced with the unbelievable. And the actress was great as well: the right combination of curiosity, anger, and terror.

But the rest of them are rather gits, aren't they? And well done Jack on not noticing that one of your very small crew was out there killing people with alien technology you discovered (doesn't Torchwood have a way for logging or tracking any of this stuff? If they can cut off your computer surely they can stop you taking the valuable killing gear out for a stroll? Clearly not, I guess, because Owen had 'get sex even when she doesn't want it'* in a can with him).

I got the feeling that Suzie was probably telling the truth when she said that the rest of them really didn't do any work. I suspect Jack just admires himself in the mirror and looks for the Doctor while the rest of them feck around and press buttons they shouldn't.

But I will keep watching because of a) Gwen and b) lovely Welsh accents. I will endure a lot for a nice Welsh accent.

*I believe this is also called rape. That was a weird and troubling scene.

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