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I got a DVD cleaner and now my Little Fairy DVDS are fixed as if by magic! Before it would get to Sweet Potato (and I won't use his real name because that one is too good) staggering after the magic chariot which was taking his true love back to the heavens and then stick. This time I got to see the entire scene in all of its screaming, manpain glory. And it was sweet, perhaps the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He screamed and writhed on the muddy ground as he wailed!! Soooo goood.

[livejournal.com profile] calixa and [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore forgive me for ever doubting you.

ETA: Now they are beating Sweet Potato's parents for the sin of giving their magic gold to the poor. Clearly this is written by the same delightful people who wrote such happy tales as 'Trojan Women' and 'The Theban Cycle.'

ETA 2: OMGWTF Handsome has been stabbed and accused of attempted rape by the (suddenly) evil brother of the emperor? Just when he could have saved Sweet Potato from torture? You know, tomorrow I am going to have to stay in my office so I don't come home and waste hours on this sweet, delicious crack.

ETA 3: I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what I should have done tonight (god, I am going to have to get up early tomorrow) thanks to the Little Fairy. But OMG the wonderful angst of it all. There is manpain and womanpain aplenty. I can't quite work out who Cat Girl is, though, as there was still some stickage at pivotal moments. I must say I don't really care as they also have thrilling misery as they stumble through the desert in search of the tree of life (yeah, like that one will turn out well).

ETA 4: I love Sweet Potato and his family: they are absolutely the nicest people ever. I also have fallen embarrassingly in love with the theme song.

ETA 5: Handsome! NOOOOOOO! Don't die and leave Saigin all alone!!!!!! And poorly CGIed vultures, I really love you.

ETA 6: Poor Sweet Potato. It is all so sad: he doesn't even remember the Little Fairy! How could you forget Ariel Lin? And he is all alone as his parents died in a fire making dinner for his school friends. How is that for misery?

ETA 7: I am pleased to report that there is no one happy at all in this wuxia. Except for the evil people. They're really happy.
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