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I finally saw this this afternoon. Um, I am glad so many people on my flist liked it, but all I could think was that every scene was about 5 minutes too long. And they could have cut the entire Calypso plot very easily as it didn't really lead anywhere in the end as far as I can see.

After all, she didn't do anything in the end, did she? There was the whirlpool that made the ships face off against each other, but her becoming the 50 foot women did not need to happen for them to have a whirlpool.

And the Tudors keeps going on with the endless search for Henry's divorce. The only character I actually care for is Katherine who pwns them all. The true evidence of Henry's stupidity is that he can't see how much better she is than Anne. Though Anne does have a better chest, I'll admit.

And there is no justice in the fact that there is still no fiction of Katherine running off with Thomas More. Maybe they could bring Wolsey with them. I still can't believe they had him kill himself! WTF? Though props to Sam Neill for his acting, which is so much better than JRM's shoutyness and flailing as Henry.

ETA: And to make this even more random, in my deep commentary on hockey, I must say that Pronger is an idiot besides being a dirty player. That elbow? What did he think would happen? He reminds me of Bertuzzi who was not only prone to moves of this sort but also took endless dumb penalties in the playoffs.
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