Mar. 13th, 2008 01:41 am
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Today I came home and fell asleep at 7.30 and then woke up lying on my bed, still fully dressed at 11.30. What the hell? Now it's 1.30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I am thinking of blaming Eliot Spitzer. In fact, I may blame him for everything from now on as it will probably make me feel tons better. And I think I will only read about puppies and Korean soaps for the next while. And if they disappoint me there will be crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth and possible internet withdrawal for a while.

Anyhow! I've been wondering about starting to watch Stargate. I've seen a fair few episodes recently but all from different seasons. The problem is: 10 seasons? That's a pretty big time commitment and I actually don't usually finish TV series if there's more than 4 seasons to catch up on. I barely got to the end of Babylon 5 - and I only made it through because of my deep Delenn love. (And Susan. But, woes, she was gone at the end! And replaced with the Scoggins abomination.) I never finished Farscape. So I think the odds of me getting through 10 seasons of anything are pretty low. Is there are particularly good season* that I could watch? Or could I start in one of the later seasons?

*And by particularly good I mean 'with lots of Carter.'

ETA: I've gotten really bad about keeping up with people's birthdays. But Happy Birthday to [ profile] nutmeg3!
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