Sep. 11th, 2006

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Due to about three people showing a vague interest and others wanting to point and laugh popular demand, I bring you [ profile] doctard, the community for Doctor/Tardis shippers. No, really, I do.

You will note the admirable barebones layout (i.e. even without user pic) which I have gone for; this is because my mind is on the sublime quality of their relationship and not on lesser things like icons and layout.

There was a strong vote in favour of secret cabalness for the community. I could put it on moderated membership so people felt there was an approval process of great scrutiny. Like having to answer difficult questions like 'what colour is the Tardis?' However, that would involve actual work. And having to come up with questions.

Also, I want to start the mad shipping with a shipwar. Maybe if anyone joins we could take on the Doctor/Adric shippers. There can't be too many of them, right? I bet we could take them.

ETA: And LJ wouldn't let me add 'completely mad shipping' as an interest. I find that very totalitarian of them.
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Right. [ profile] doctard, which I pride myself on being the worst community name EVER,* now has an icon I totally took off someone else. With credit, though, so hopefully they won't mind.

And the thing with the mad deer in The Ring 2? Really, really not scary and also they look like not just fake, but also like a Fox programme on 'Father Christmas' Reindeer Gone Bad.' But Simon Baker is very attractive. (Even if he does not play a reindeer. Or Father Christmas.)

* Thank you [ profile] jonquil. Though [ profile] sollie7's T'ARDeur was also very attractive, DocTard just reeks of madness on a new level.


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