Jun. 3rd, 2007

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Despite heading off to sports bar to see the Senators play the Ducks* in the Stanley Cup finals (becuase, sob, our giant TV, she is broken and had to be returned to manufacturer leaving us with small telly, which it is sadly no fun to watch) I finished this wretched drama.

This was, without a doubt, one of the most embarassing things I have ever watched, and I've watched some bad TV in my time. I watched every single episode of the WB's Tarzan, for heaven's sake. But this, this, exceeded all that by a factor of 5000%. It's like someone took all the plots of dramas that they had ever seen and just jammed them all in one show.

I can't believe I'm cutting for spoilers about this show. )

*While I am glad the Senators won, there were some terrible calls in that game. I am completely puzzled by many of the penalties the Ducks got - and trust me, I don't support them, even though I like Selanne and Giguere.

ETA: If you haven't yet, go make your own Asian drama below! I am amused by how many of you think they should meet when the heroine punches the hero in the face and also want the hero to express his angst through violence. Also, psychic librarians are clearly the drama heroine of choice.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 09:13 pm
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I finally saw this this afternoon. Um, I am glad so many people on my flist liked it, but all I could think was that every scene was about 5 minutes too long. And they could have cut the entire Calypso plot very easily as it didn't really lead anywhere in the end as far as I can see.

Cut for a wee spoiler )

And the Tudors keeps going on with the endless search for Henry's divorce. The only character I actually care for is Katherine who pwns them all. The true evidence of Henry's stupidity is that he can't see how much better she is than Anne. Though Anne does have a better chest, I'll admit.

And there is no justice in the fact that there is still no fiction of Katherine running off with Thomas More. Maybe they could bring Wolsey with them. cut for spoiler )

ETA: And to make this even more random, in my deep commentary on hockey, I must say that Pronger is an idiot besides being a dirty player. That elbow? What did he think would happen? He reminds me of Bertuzzi who was not only prone to moves of this sort but also took endless dumb penalties in the playoffs.


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