Jun. 25th, 2007

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You know, I may now be deeply caught up in the thrilling angst and melodrama of doramas, but nothing will ever displace my one true love: Bollywood. And the greatness of Shahrukh Khan. The first time you see him, you wonder what the fuss is about. And then you watch him for a bit and somehow you're interested and there's a certain something about him that makes you understand why he's a Bollywood megastar.

Here he is in a still from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, walking away from his love - who happens to be married to someone else. This was a very shocking Bollywood because of the adultery theme, but I really liked it (and I am generally not mad about adultery being the focus of a film).

cut the image because I didn't quite realize how horrendously large it was )

Behind the cut some youtube videos to hopefully convince of his awesomeness )
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Sadly cannot watch Irish language telly with Firefox as plugin to watch their streaming video has issues with loading. This means no Ros na Run for me for a bit until I sort out issues. How will I live without my Irish soap opera? You know, even though it does not feature pretty people very much I still love this show and its mad plots and evil bar owners. In the small category of Irish soaps it wins out totally and almost eradicates the horror of Fair City, which is pretty impressive. (Only people who have ever sat through even 10 minutes of Fair City* will know what I mean.)

Do you know how sad it makes me that I am the only person on livejournal to list Ros na Run as an interest? I would try and lure you in with youtube videos but there aren't any.

* I am pretty sure this wins out in the worst show ever category.


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