Jul. 2nd, 2007

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I am ashamed to say what time I was up to last night watching this thing. At some point the subtitler just stopped trying and clearly just made stuff up. Someone would say one word and you'd get this really long subtitle. And then long conversations would get three words. And they started reusing random subtitles that didn't make any sense at the time and made still less sense when they were repeated.

Mostly I am traumatized by watching Philip's heart get stomped on good. Though I don't really blame heroine as she did tell him right out that she didn't love him and that he shouldn't keep seeing her because she couldn't match his feelings. I do think the piano playing hero should feel worse as Philip has worked for his career for so long and they are bestest friends.

The secondary female still annoys and is batty and has uncovered the fact that hero and heroine were each other's first loves, which should lead to even more angst because the heroine does not know this very important fact yet. And [livejournal.com profile] caerbannog you will be delighted to know that even if she cannot match the evil eye acting of the stepsister in Stairway to Heaven there are moments when I am very optimistic that we will get some good evil eye action. She has definite tendencies in that direction.

Parents of hero also confirmed as bona fide nutters. Mother does a good collapse and having to go to hospital thing when hero develops spine and refuses to marry horrid secondary female. And guess what? Springing announcements of engagements on people at giant parties when they have said they would rather die than marry anyone but their OTP is never a good idea. You have only yourself to blame. And what happened to posting these announcements in newspapers? That's much more effective and hard to have a public row about.


In conclusion: that is bunnies.
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Would any of the lovely icon makers on my flist be willing to make me an icon that says 'That is bunnies'? I would be pathetically grateful.

I think Spring Waltz has eaten my brain.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:57 pm
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Look at my new icon! Isn't is smashing? The immensely kind and talented [livejournal.com profile] calixa made it for me! Thank you so much! And thank you anonymous subtitler of Spring Waltz and your mangling of the English language. We'll always have bunnies to remember you by And no, I am not considering spending $75 on the official copy of Spring Waltz just so I can have intelligible subtitles. Not at all.
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Todd Bertuzzi is off to the Ducks? Well, at least he didn't sign for a team I support. But Los Angeles appears determined to do not very much and consolidate their place at the bottom of the league. I expect Carolina to do that sort of thing, because despite the Stanley Cup win you know they will always really have the doomed legacy of Hartford clinging to them.

Los Angeles really needs a goalie, but I fear that they are not willing to pay. And at this rate there won't be anyone left.
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You know, no one really takes any pride in their work any more. They've suddenly decided that Austria and Australia are one country and should be used interchangeably. And that no one subtitler should spell the hero's name the same way. This makes for variety but does not breed confidence in the work.

ETA: Oooh evil dad who sold heroine in slavery has reappeared thus upping the angst ante. However, I can't be sure about the selling into slavery thing as a) it was only briefly touched on and b) I don't really trust the subtitles for obvious reasons. I do, however, trust the music of doom that played when heroine saw him and her freaked out expression.
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So THERE HAVE BEEN REVELATIONS. At the end of the last episode heroine was told hero was marrying mad fake first love, b) was forced to have lunch with hero's evil real father who stole her operation money and (maybe) sold her into slavery, and c) discovered that hero was really her first love. That's a lot of action. And angst. If I were her I'd run off with Philip and just assuage my misery by thinking about how very good looking he is.

There was naturally a lot of Philip angst, some of which didn't revolve around his love for heroine but involved his father. I wish there was someone the show could pair him up with as he about the nicest secondary male/losing person in a love triangle I've ever seen. Poor Philip!

Hero struggles manfully against a haircut which (I am sorry to say) becomes more mullet like with each episode. Well done, hero, but please go to a hair dresser.

There were no bunnies. But the subtitles get worse and worse. I don't actually think sometimes they're even subtitles for this series. I think they've got a pool and just randomly pick sentences when they need them.

ETA: And for some reason the hero has referred to a song as being created from a sait hall. Funniest subtitle since I thought they were talking about eating the heroine's aunt but it turned out they only wanted her to make dinner.

ETA 2: Way to go subtitler and ruin an absolutely affecting moment by assuring me that Philip's big confession to his mother's grave (that took him for ever to find and involved his grandfather shouting and abusing him and a huge breakdown over only being half-Korean) was that he missed his dog. Really? Really? I PREFERRED THE BUNNIES.
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This one is by the also very lovely and kind [livejournal.com profile] sucrelefey. Now I have one for those dark Bunny times!


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