Aug. 10th, 2007


Aug. 10th, 2007 02:55 pm
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I have a lot of things to do today. A lot. Am I doing any of them? No. I am instead stealing gathering pictures from the internets to do a Wuxia Bourne post.

But sadly I cannot find images of necrokissing which I feel are essential.
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What is wuxia, you ask? Well, even if you don't ask I will tell for I have researched* it very thoroughly. Wuxia is a genre of historical dorama in which there are magic swords, flying carpets, much flying through air while fighting and training, people falling into rivers and getting out and still battling for hours, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - excessive amounts of very attractive manpain. This manpain usually results because his love is FORBIDDEN. And not just regular forbidden, either: this is Forbidden with a capital F, carved on the sides of mountains and inscribed into the laws of at least 4 countries.

But I bring you possibly the one and only Jason Bourne: Wuxia Hero post.

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This is Jason Bourne. A man who walks alone. A man with no memories (well, no happy ones). A man tortured by excessive amounts of angst and manpain. Plus guilt. WE MUST NOT FORGET THE GUILT.

Many, many images of manpain and angst behind cut. Spoilers for the second Bourne film. Nothing major for the third, I think. )

*And by researched I mean I have looked at many lovely picspams on [ profile] calixa's,* [ profile] dangermousie's, and [ profile] meganbmoore's*
livejournals. From which I also stole the pictures.

*And who also came up with the whole Bourne = wuxia hero idea.
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Behold, [ profile] calixa's post on death by flying carpet, surely one of the worst and most unexpected deaths to ever occur in wuxia. It is excellent and comes with many vivid graphics and hilarious commentary.

I continued in my watch of Silence. Wow, the hero's dad is a right bastard in excellent dorama tradition, isn't he? But I can never quite work out why the evil dorama dads are so ham-handed in their infliction of angst. Given a chance they will always organize a completely uncomfortable social situation where they will announce the hero's engagement and insult his OTP. The end result is always the hero stomping out, mother wailing, and complete estrangement of their only son and heir. Which is apparently okay because you will totally screw yourself and your family over in order to prove a point.

I still love Evil Secretary and Barbie Hsu lookalike. Though I can't work out why dad is such a twit as not to realise that she, as his illegitimate daughter whose mother he cast aside, might not harbour some resentment. I am a bit astonished that his company is still functioning given such examples of stellar judgment.

ETA: By my count Vik Zhou has had his brow mopped at least 57 times in the dorama. I tell you that the director is convinced he is Little Nell.


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