Aug. 27th, 2007

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Ummm. So I don't think I'll be screencapping this one despite the fact that I want Nero's giant throne. It is altogether quite weird and most of the script directions (if they had any) must have been of this sort 'then they throw back their heads and laugh merrily' even when the actors are all in prison and expecting certain death. And 10 gladiators and only one woman? This is not going to end well.

Also, they cheaped out on the oiling of chests which is very wrong. Very, very wrong. I can only hope that 'Romulus and the Sabines' is better and has many shiny, well-oiled men.

ETA: Oooh Tigellinus and Glaucus appear to be having a 'shortest tunic in Rome' competition and Tigellinus has also bumped off Poppaea. I have also seen a unibrowed Roman senator. Maybe the senate will turn out to be made up of werewolves?

ETA 2: now we have Christians! Yay, Christians!

ETA 3: Glaucus, owner of the shortest tunic in Rome, has now been tossed in the water and is fighting it out while his, er, midget is being fondled by one of the gladiators. I swear I couldn't make this stuff up. Of course, everyone is laughing merrily.

ETA 4: Galba makes a late entry into the shortest tunic in Rome competition. Good try but not close.


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