Sep. 11th, 2007

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I started this even though I was tempted to go for the full out angstorama that Autumn Tale promised to be. Those Four Seasons ones are always dripping with the good tragedy. I don't know why but I find myself using the ff button a lot even though I've heard really good things about it and it has some excellent scenes. I, horrors, have even ffed through Daniel Henney scenes! (But only the ones with the annoying Secondary Female, Hae-Jin)

After having to put up with the actress who plays the Evil Secondary Female Lead in 'What Star are You From' I really don't like her very much in this one either. She's all mopey and whiney - admittedly she had to part from her one true love because of cancer but still she grinds on my every nerve. And I fluctuate between really liking the heroine and wanting to biff her over the heat for moping over the hero, whom I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL. The actor is cute, but the character really annoys me so watching the heroine droop over him is very irritating. Hence the judicious use of the ff button. Anyway he and annoying Secondary Female more or less deserve each other and can go and breed annoying babies for together all I care. Their combined self-absorption could sink the Titanic even without a helpful ice-berg.

Actually this is one of those dramas where I much prefer the subsidiary characters, especially the mad chef at restaurant and the floor manager lady. Not to mention the secretary of quite scary mum and her love of boxing.

ETA: WTF? Did I really need to see a scene with the hero's ears being cleaned lovingly by the Secondary Female Lead? Really???

ETA 2: Okay, given that I hate the hero and his poorly chosen girlfriend, Hee-jin, and their irritating smugness and all over gittyness, I do not see how I can be delighted by any ending that doesn't have him eaten by bears while Sam-soon and Daniel Henney run off and have a linguistically challenged relationship that revolves around madelines.

ETA 3: You know what I really hate about the hero and Hae-Jin? It's that they don't bloody care about hurting other people's feelings until they realize that they might feel something for the other person or it's not doing all well in their relationship. Then they care. Pair of self-absorbed twats neither of whom actually have any human empathy that I can discern. I HATES THEM BOTH, I DO.

ETA 4: And just when I thought I couldn't despite Hae-Jin and the hero any more I find out she is comes up as 'princess of laughter' on his mobile phone. PRINCESS OF LAUGHTER. Between that and her annoying smirks that I am supposed to find charming I am hoping that it is *both* her and the hero who are eaten by bears. I am also annoyed that I hate Hae-Jin so much that I have to ff through all of her scenes which means ffing through pretty much all of Daniel Henney's scenes.


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