Nov. 7th, 2007

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And the womanpain. In fact they're about identical.

Yesterday my Little Fairy viewing was interrupted by a cruel power outage last night which ensured I was cut off from the sweet crack of wuxia angst.

So far I am sadly missing the loss of Saigin, who appears to have fallen off a cliff or something. And Handsome is all about Cat Girl now which strikes me as very unkind as she wandered off to look for him. And are we ever told how Cat Girl became a human? Or her sister went from being a tree? My DVDs did some sticking at various moments so I am afraid I might have missed it.

And Handsome forgiving evil magistrate who tortured Sweet Potato and his parents seems a bit unkind. I wanted smiting. And Fu Sian only has to give back the property? Pshaw, I say.

ETA: Handsome, well all I can say is that I am VERY disappointed with you what with the marrying of Cat Girl (even though I like Cat Girl) and the sudden turn towards serial killing (of friends too!). I hope Saigin finds someone to replace you, but I bet she doesn't and just returns for massive amounts of angst.

ETA 2: Handsome asks 'what is so good about me?' and I have no answer. Now he has both Cat Girl and Saigin which is just unfair. I want to kick him repeatedly. And Saigin is so understanding that she is sure to die soon.

ETA 3: Oh feck. I had forgotten death by flying carpet.


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