Feb. 19th, 2008

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While 'researching'* for this I discovered the horrible and tragic affliction that affects so many men of the paranormal world: headlessness. And leglessness. For all that they get around a good deal and bed many lusty wenches. (Only, sadly, the books don't call them lusty wenches, instead they prefer horrific terms like 'lifemates' and 'bonded females.' I think I'd rather be called a lusty wench myself.) And, no, I have no idea why this guy is half blue. I suspect it has something to do with sex. And possibly the plague.

* And by research I mean I clicked through as many book covers as I could take. Which wasn't that many, but Amazon is now convinced that I only read either Latin texts or books about sex-mad vampires.

Sadly, unlike Cassie Edwards there are no startled vicars. More images under cut: not at all dial up friendly. )
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...my next romance novel cover post will be on Christian romances


Actual description: "Tanner Richardson, the volatile* duke of Cambridge, sees his wife with another man. Misinterpreting the situation, he erupts into rage and throws her and their unborn baby out." Yep. There's a romance scenario just bristling with promise. Plus, er, that's not exactly what the title suggested to me at all. I thought it was a novel about the tragic issue of flatulence brought about by drinking too much tea.

ETA: Read this stern warning against reading Christian romances: http://www.goodmorals.org/crystal.htm

ETA: *volatile clearly = complete maniac whom no woman should ever be in a relationship with. Unless he finds God and then it's all okay.


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