Mar. 9th, 2008

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I am thinking of buying a digital camera. I used to have one but it has vanished like the snows of spring somewhere never to be found again. And, besides, it was a cheap one bought in Italy after the old one was stolen in Rome by wicked thieves with no honour. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't need anything too sophisticated. In fact, simple and idiot proof is really ideal.

And bonus part of post: favourite scene so far of Bad Love is eyebrows keeling over in a coffee shop and writhing in agony for a minute before the hero notices anything is amiss behind him. Apparently Eyebrows has a tumor! It's like Stained Glass all over again but I suspect he won't walk into the sea in this one. Hopefully that means that the hero and heroine also won't have to feel all guilty for ten years before they get together.

ETA: Evil wife is drinking wine from the bottle because hero and heroine have gotten back together and now she is wailing at him about it and saying that the heroine ruined her life. Get a grip, woman! You ruined your life because you're a hideous bint with no sense of boundaries or limits. I wish someone would clonk her on the head and put her out of her giant haired misery.

ETA: Oh! I've been watching the Stargate series (the original not the Atlantis one) on Space (Canadian SciFi equivalent). It's strange because all I ever see are random episodes so I don't have much of a sense of any storylines. But I have questions!

a) Is Daniel the one all the alien babes fall in love with? Doesn't he have a dead wife or something? Shouldn't he be off being emo about her and not jumping alien babes?
b) Why don't people fall in love with Carter? She's cute and competent and people should be in love with her.
c) Do they actually have a reason for jumping through gates or do they just do this because they can? Or are they really scoping out new locations for McDonald's franchises?
d) Why did McGyver get replaced with Farscape people?
e) Why isn't everyone in love with Carter? I will keep asking this because I feel they should be.
f) Is Teal'c ever not stoic?


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