Apr. 13th, 2009

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Er, does anyone know a fancy French word for a bedspread, something that one of those pretentious catalogues would use? I've been googling and can't find one.
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So, I'm watching this, despite the best efforts of my local independent DVD store* to give me a disk that required me to clean it several times and still gets stuck, and you know what? If an alien species that is clearly more powerful than you sends someone to your planet, shooting that person and then trying to kill them is probably not your best move. Unless they're a species of one, that is, and how likely is that? This film makes me root for the extinction of mankind and that probably is not a good thing.

ETA: I'm thinking my first move would to offer the alien a nice cup of tea or a drink. Maybe some homemade scones. And if I decided to go the shooting route, once I'd realized that everything I was doing was making things worse, I'd think about stopping. Just for a bit.

ETA 2: In this film it's like all of humanity got hit twice with the stupid stick. And then hit some more for good measure.

*Speciality: renting DVDs that don't play and never refunding your money. It's chain store from now on for me.


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