Jul. 8th, 2009

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Having reached episode 2.1 of Spooks I can affirm that Tom Quinn does indeed have a sad, sad life. Mind you, he does like to cause his own problems what with bringing bombs home and insisting on staying in a clearly doomed relationship.

Having just had a look around at Spooks fandom I see most people were (to put it politely) glad to see the end of Ellie so he could have another doomed relationship. I don't really get the hate for her; she so clearly was written by the writers purely as a source of intense angst for Tom rather than as a viable character and she delivered; her characterization makes no sense from scene to scene let alone episode to episode. The only thing that rings true is her being freaked out by him being a spy because I suspect that if the average person found out they and their daughter had moved in with some guy who gets shot and wasn't even using his real name* they would not exactly leap for joy. And he does nearly get her and Masie blown up; I think that would be a serious blow to any relationship.

In any case, I think I will not watch the rest of the Tom Quinn episodes with the exception of the bit where he decides to swim into the North Sea. I think that might be a surfeit of misery and right now I just feel comfortably replete after feasting on his angst.

*That's the bit that would be really inconvenient. It would be so awkward after introducing him to all your friends as Mathew Archer to have go "No, actually it's Tom Quinn. Just go with it - those IT people are a funny lot. Oh, and if you ask too many questions some nice people will come and shoot you." at social functions. I think I'd stick with the false name just to avoid awkward conversations.

ETA: In other news, yesterday I bought a giant TV! I can't wait until it's delivered, even though I know I am going to be horrified by how huge it is in my tiny apartment.
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I just got this and so far it is cheesy good fun (though you can see *exactly* where Blackadder got its French Revolution episode ideas)* but...I know I'm not supposed to think this and the French Revolution ended with the Reign of Terror and lots of terrible things but I can't help but think how amazing it must have been to overthrow the Ancienne Regime and think you were forging a new world with new ideas about equality and rights. And tossing things at your former masters (I rarely feel much sympathy for the aristocrats. And non for the King and Queen. They were total twats).

ETA: Wow! They must have paid actresses well in France! Jane Seymour sure has a nice house. And Gandalf is her boyfriend! Well, before her taking up with Blakeney.

ETA 2: Gandalf is sort of hot. And Anthony Andrews is hilarious in all his disguises and as Blakeney. I also love the assembled crowd of cheering citizens at the guillotine. They really put their hearts into hating the aristocrats.

ETA 3: I love the little, blond dauphin. He is so grubby and oppressed and winsome. Quite delightful.

*Not helped by the fact that Le Pimpernel Scarlette's side-kick is the castaway from Top Secret.
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I am pretty disappointed in Apple's customer support, I have to say. I have their not inexpensive Applecare plan, which apparently is worth about one phone call where at the end they toss up their hands at the problem. (The issue is that after renaming some folders and moving my itunes folder none of my .mp4 files will play on itunes - the wretched programme just crashes. I do love how they insist the files must be borked although they were perfectly fine the night before. And will play on itunes on my other computer. Grump.)

ETA: In other news, The Scarlet Pimpernel was dashed entertaining, gadzooks and dem me. Why, sirrah, that chap is quite the hero and even overcame Gandalf, which is pretty demned impressive.


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