Jan. 21st, 2010

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1. You know, it's pretty much a dreadful idea to keep a dragon chained in your basement. It's really only asking for trouble.

2. I have no idea if this is accurate or not, but apparently sword fighting in ye olden tymes pretty much just involved bashing away and hoping you got lucky with the pointy end.

3. Druids like forests. They're like leafy, druid crack. But for some reason they also like giant scorpions. I feel the combination is not entirely ideal, especially for guests.

4. The miniature crossbow - sold only at Medieval Assassins R'Us - is an excellent, if perhaps not all that useful invention. There's only so small arrows can get before they're just tiny, annoying toothpicks.

5. People were a lot cleaner in post-Roman England that they were in the later, less post-Roman years. I approve of this as I do not really want to watch grubby people for hours at a time.

6. I am sorry, but the very idea of a 'dragon lord' only fills me with hilarity. I give the show points for playing that one with a straight face, but still: hilarity.

7. Also: how many times has Arthur been knocked out in this show? I like to feel Gwen and Merlin are the brains behind this outfit, but at this point I am beginning to wonder precisely what Arthur's head is made of.


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