May. 21st, 2011

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Look, I am one of three people in the world who actually quite like Fanny Price. And I normally quite enjoy Ms. Piper. But what the hell was that with HER HAIR? At first I thought it was some cunning way to show her outsider status and that as she became more accepted Sir Thomas would gift her with a brush and some hairpins, but NO. I couldn't finish it as I spent the entire time wishing for someone to give her a comb. Everyone else had one! (Allthough Edmund appeared to have never seen shampoo.) Now I shall watch the Lorna Doone with Sean Bean and Polly Walker and some other famous people. ON THE MOORS. You get a million bonus points for have moors and cavaliers and such. PLUS LORNA. LOOOORNA.

(I apologise for the radio silence. I had planned on writing a fabulous post on something meaningful, but no. You get a commentary on Billie Piper's Hair. But even though I've been woeful on commenting, I did want to say I've been trying to read everyone's posts).

ETA: Clive Owen is in this. And he looks 18. But still unwashed, though I forgive him in this, because being unwashed was the way of ye olden tymes.

For good measure: I saw Thor and it was AWESOME. Just the right amount of ridiculousness and shirtlessness. That is a delicate balance to maintain and it managed it amazingly well, as if it were science and they had the right mix in that beaker.
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So far we have an exciting range of unwashed manhood and plumed hats. Plus murder. They're keen on the murder and pillage, the Doones. And LORNA and whatshisname have met and she has saved him. If I recall the book correctly our hero needs a lot of saving. Plus there's a giant snowstorm that lasts for approximately 2 years. I shall look forward to that.

I plan to give you exciting updates as things happen.

ETA: Hero has rebel cousin who seems a little too fond of his horse. NOTHING WILL KEEP HIM FRM HER.

ETA 2: For all the looting and murdering and pillaging the Doones do, they sure do seem to live in squalor. AND THE ACCENTS ARE HILARIOUS.

ETA 3: Was there more mud in the past or something? Becuase everyone seems to sort of wallow in it. Our hero (Clive Owen) was also tossed out of a carriage. His face was a thing of joy.

ETA 4: In the North Country it was the law that every 5 minutes you had to shout LOOOORNA. This is fact.

ETA 5: The Doones - accompanied by some truly magnificent whooping - have come a-raiding as our hero has run off with Loorrrrna. Hero's family are fighting them off, despite the whooping and the Doone's clear superiority in the plumed hat department.

ETA 6: I don't remember the book very well, but this seems to speed things up a lot. Except for the Looorna shouting and the teeth gnashing. And the hats. The hats in this are spectacular.

ETA 7: Despite the presence of Polly Walker, Sean Bean (evil as always) and Clive Owen (not evil) and a truly magnificent hat at the wedding scene (really! it was conical and had a sort of spike of cloth sticking out the top), this seems to lack a little something in the Lorna Doone department.


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