May. 29th, 2011

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Did you know that all of this was on youtube? It's like reliving my wee girlhood again.

SOMEONE STOP ME. I can't stop myself. There's so much cheese and hair and amnesia and double identities and illegtimate children and GOD WHY MUST IT BE SO ADDICTIVE?

ETA: THIS SHOW IS AS AWESOME AS I REMEMBER. No wonder I like kdramas now, given that I cut my teeth on this soap. I remember having to petition my mum to watch it for it was so very adult. Luckily my mum was awesome and clearly unworried about corrupting influence and the fact that it was on wayyy past my bedtime...
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You know how other people have fantasy houses or cars? I have fantasy dogs. The dogs I would like to own one day. Above all, I do have a love for a good mutt, because they're awesome and amazing but still here are the dogs I still dream about having:

Irish Wolfhound. Yes they're roughly the size of a pony and will eat you out of house and home, but have you ever met one? They're wonderful and calm and I once saw one being nipped at by a Kerry Blue terrier and hassled and all it did was put its paw on it and hold it down while looking completely unconcerned as it wriggled feverishly.

Borzoi (there's sort of a theme here: I like coursing type hounds. A lot). I've never known one, but they look like they'd fight off Napoleon's army for you and then come back with dinner.

Greyhound. I once worked with them a bit and they were quite awesome too. The racing ones less so, but the ones that had been pets were mellow and just liked to lay around and then gallop together around in circles. They're lazy beautiful animals who just want to hang around and then break out the speed once in a while to show they can.

Afghan. They're like princesses and unicorns and ponies all rolled up into one incredibly hard to groom package. IDEAL.

Corgi. They're so determined despite those stumpy legs. They're quite conviced they're a larger dog and I am sure they dream of taking down wolves on the steppes and secretly believe they could do so, if only their owners would let them off the leash. Just this once! They'll bring you back a deer. Or perhaps a largish mouse.

Actually, I like all dogs. They're all awesome. And sometimes They FIGHT CRIME *(Wait until the first minute mark for awesomeness).


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