Jun. 25th, 2011

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Yes, dragons. DRAGONS. Beyond Sherwood Forest is going to be AWESOME. I have often thought to myself that what the Robin Hood legend really lacked was dragons. And then, lo and behold, some genius decided to add dragons. It's like they could read my mind.

ETA: Hey! Robin is that guy from Sanctuary and Marian is Lois Lane. It's like some mad confluence of SciFi. WITH DRAGONS. I approve of the fact that they're going the 'the Middle Ages were 50% mud, 50% brutality' route. The other 20% was ungrateful peasants. (Yes, I know that's 120%, but I don't care. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DRAGONS???)


ETA 3: The dragon is also a girl! Who is being forced to be a dragon by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Or the other way around. It's not clear. And Lois Lane isn't doing herself many favours in the acting department. Might be the stress of having to do an English accent. In any case they're all off to the DARK WOODS. Which is DARK. And is a WOOD. Hence the name.

ETA 4: Julian Sands is the obligatory UK actor slumming in this. He only appears for seconds, so I think they could probably only afford him for a day or so. They probably blew all their budget on the mud. And the dragon.

ETA 5: The English accents! The accents pretending to be English! Given that you've tossed a dragon in there why would you even bother? If I'm watching Robin fight dragons and head into the evil DARK WOODS which are filled with killer bats, I obviously am not a stickler for historical accuracy.

ETA 6: Marian and dragon girl have been captured. And - more importantly - Robin has met the KEEPERS OF THE TREES, THE SLYVANS. There was also some other title but I forgot it. And now Will and Little John are being eaten by monster wolf things. IT'S ALL SO EXCITING.

ETA 7: Oooh someone is trying a Welsh accent! Ambitious, very ambitious.

ETA 8: Creepy Sheriff is coming on to Lois Lane and her horrific accent. Well, he's not coming on to her accent, just her.

ETA 9: They seem to have run out of script and extras in the final scenes. Maybe they used them all up in the original mud-filled, ungrateful peasants scenes.

ETA 10: Not much of an ending, though I do like that they made Prince John all warty, just to emphasize he's evil.


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