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2011-07-08 01:56 pm
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I love it when Romans get their grump on about modern music

I am reading Quintilian's guide to raising the ideal orator and came across this gem (after he has been complaining about effeminate modern music and its indecent rhythms):

"Also no one should use the psaltry or the spadix [both types of harps or lyres], which decent virgins should even shrink from touching" (Institutes of Oratory 1.10.31)

KEEP YOUR VIRGINS FROM THE SPADIX, PARENTS! Sadly I do not have a picture of these instruments of wickedness, so that you can be on the lookout for them. But you can see from my icon that the sacred chickens DO NOT APPROVE OF THESE CORRUPT DEVICES.
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2011-07-08 08:52 pm

Meltdown: Days of Destruction

You know, if you're making a film about the earth magically spinning closer to the sun causing the world's temperature to soar, it would be more convincing if people weren't running around in jackets, long sleeves, and such. Plus your 'stars' could sweat once in a while. It's not even like that would be an expensive thing to do! I also love how they show perfectly normal traffic jams and try to convince me that these are people fleeing the end of the world.

Oh and everyone is wearing jeans. In temperatures of 140+. DID THEIR BUDGET NOT RUN TO SHORTS AND T-SHIRTS?

ETA Some mutants randomly showed up... No explanation, just turned up.