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2011-07-31 01:03 pm

The ideal Christian romance

Surely there must be a giant market out there among Christian romance readers for nuns/holy women/Christians abducted by Vikings who then convert their abductors? You'd get it all: mad pagan violence, lots of barbarian chest heaving, the hand of God and so forth, and get to have a nice Christian marriage at the end.
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2011-07-31 01:51 pm

OMG, Viking Romance Novel Covers

ARE A THING OF BEAUTY (almost typed 'thong of beauty' which might well be true). I was going to post on the manly hero of a A Lamp in the Desert next, but he never waxed his chest before sailing the seas to get women, so he's at a disadvantage there.

Also, I have a dreamwidth, but I haven't updated or crossposted it in ages. But it's here (http://lesbiassparrow.dreamwidth.org/) in case LJ goes down forever and ever, which is probably the only time I'd use it - there is no way I can keep up with two blogging sites.