May. 2nd, 2009 10:32 pm
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This is a great movie. A great, great movie. It is littered with much shrieking of manpain to the heavens and has absolutely no logic at all. That, my friends, is what makes it great. Where lesser films rely on plot and coherency, this one disdains such minor matters.

Things I loved:

1. The endless war montage of Wolverine and Sabertooth's brotherly love
2. Striker's decision to not bother to even have one man with a gun guard his Lair of Mutant Experimentation
3. The one DNA to rule them all plan. You don't expect any sort of medical logic in a film about mutant, but honestly, just chucking them all in there and getting a super warrior with swords in his hands still is ripe for hilarity
4. Wolverine's shrieks of manpain. How many times was he down on his knees howling? Plus he had an actual CABIN IN THE CANADIAN WILDS THAT HE PROBABLY BUILT HIMSELF. (This, incidentally, confirms my belief that everyone goes North to FORGET in manpainy suffering. I hope Jason Bourne uses that exact cabin when he goes to grieve. IT'S ONLY FAIR.)
5. Daniel Henney being hot and evil. With magic gun skills.
6. Deadpool. Well, I mainly thought he was hilarious but perhaps not in the ways I should. All I know is that if I were building an indestructible warrior, I'd guard again decapitation. And I'd make sure that his mad laser eyes faded after death. What would you do if they continued forever? Can you imagine the problems?
7. That the girl lasted at least 3 scenes more than I thought she would. I thought she was a goner right after the first scene. Well done, there, Girl of Inevitable Dyingness.

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