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On my flight back I finally watched this. I am sorry if you think it was a transcendent work of genius, but most of the time I kept thinking 'Bale flipped out over this? THIS? THIS?' I kept waiting for the scene that was supposed to be the emotional heart of the film to see if I could see any signs of incipient swearing and losing it on his part, but I couldn't work out which one that was, so eventually I gave up.

BUT, MY GOD, THE PLOT HOLES. I'm thinking that's where all the stress came - the actors wondering how on earth anyone was going to ignore the approximately 58 million things that either made no sense or had to conveniently occur for any semblance of plot progression.

The whole Decepticon Marcus Cole thing was just bonkers. So you build yourself a one of a kind cyborg and then just sort of hope it will run into Kyle Reese and John Connor? And then when it comes home you - as unfeeling machine - kindly take the time to explain your nefarious plan (in your lair which apparently is protected by one terminator and Ahnold) after you've repaired him? Why would you repair him? HE'S DONE HIS JOB. THERE IS NO LOGICAL REASON TO FIX HIM UP AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. And no one thought about putting a little metal plate in the back of the Terminator's heads to stop them being knifed? Or Marcus ripping out his chip? Or whatever it was? And then in the end Marcus just gives his heart to Connor and everyone is fine with that? What if it has a tracking device in it? Luckily for them SkyNet was pretty stupid for a super computer.

And why was Connor's wife even in the film? They could have had a stick stand around and make encouraging noises and it would have had the same emotional impact.

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