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So I have started watching this offering from BBC; have seen chunks of season one and a bunch of season 2 episodes. It is quite enjoyable, despite dodgy CGI and complete lack of scenery chewing by Uther. He needs to stomp more. Morgana also does not seem to do very much, though she stands rather well at windows. This was probably an essential skill in ye olden tymes as there was not much else to do except try and avoid washing and grub around the mud. And as a princess you probably don't have to grub in the mud. However, I do hope there are more episodes where she does the becoming evil/misunderstood thing.

My favourite character is Gwen and her awesome self. She is exactly what I would have wanted to be as a kid. Well, in honesty I would have preferred to be more princessy and possibly had a pony, but given that she does get to be queen eventually I imagine that's coming.

The HILARIOUS thing is reading fandom reactions to season 2 shifting to her and Arthur. The shrieks over the turn towards the relationship and it apparently breaking up the true love of Arthur and Merlin are fairly entertaining. It's Arthurian legend! What did you expect was going to happen? It's not like that's an obscure part of the story.

ETA: And because almost all the fic out there (DON'T LAUGH AT ME. MY LIFE IS VERY STRESSFUL) is about the epic manlove of Arthur and Merlin,* I am delighted that at the Help_haiti fandom auction I bid and won on someone to write fic for me based around Gwen.

*I don't mind this. What I do mind is that Gwen and Morgana might as well not exist apparently in many people's minds. Or people feel the need to write things that insist Arthur is only with (the clearly inferior) Gwen because he cannot have his wizard love. It just seems like such a lazy way to write when people do this to get rid of a canonical relationship. It's like the ones where people kill off the OTP on the show in two lines and then have the other person bounce back in weeks to discover they never loved that person at all.

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Oh, that fandom is sort of sad about the whole canon thing. *eyerolls*

There's at least some femslash?

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Oh, that fandom is sort of sad about the whole canon thing.

I just never get that with stories that are as well known as this one. Going in you know what the endgame is - it's like getting riled up over Superman ending up with Lois Lane.

There may be femslash, though I don't think the ladies are popular in this fandom. It seems to be wall to wall Arthur and Merlin having it off more than the entire population of 6th century Albion combined.

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I watched season 1 when ABC showed it last summer, and I agree, I was quite fond of Gwen. I've heard there is a fair bit of Gwen/Morgana, but I am finding myself increasingly cynical about fandom's complete lack of interest in women characters *at all*.

Last time I was in a smallish fandom, where the adherents of different ships all got along well, things completely fell apart when the m/f couple became canon in the final episode and the slash fixit fics started dropping. Suddenly, a formerly well-liked female character met a lot of hostility.

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On average, I want to say there's at least one Gwen/Morgana fic every two-three days? I mean, on the days of my femslash_today updates, I was getting one-four.

Ignoring women is what fandom is good at, though.

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Well, if you know of good ones (and ones that also take account of the endgame of the show), I'd be glad of links. :) Though, given the canonical ending of the story, I can't imagine that they're not all terribly depressing.

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I don't know the fandom enough to be able to tell, sorry.

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It's mainly (at least for me) because they do it so *badly*, and because they eliminate Arthur and Merlin's friendship, as well as eventually Morgana and Gwen's, to highlight Arthur/Gwen. It doesn't help that Gwen has all of part of one episode plus two scenes in others where she does anything that doesn't involve mooning over or lecturing Arthur or waiting for a man to save her. And one of those scenes turned out to just be setup so that Arthur could save her yet again. Seriously, when you go "oh my god, GWEN GRABBED A BUCKET! She may do something that is not All About Arthur!, she's going to fail and flail so that Arthur can save her." it's truly sad.

I was actually looking forward to Arthur and Gwen at the end of last season, the Ealdor episode had a charming scene with them. By midseason two I utterly despised it.
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I would agree about the Gwen/Morgana friendship, but Arthur and Merlin seem to be about as chummy as ever, so I really can't see that Gwen has killed that element (and realistically in a show called Merlin, I don't imagine she would). Maybe that's a result of watching episodes all together versus over a season.

I just think that if you're going to write about a show set in any version of the Athurian universe, you ought to deal with the Arthur-Gwen relationship in some way that's perhaps a bit more complicated than insisting he is only with her because he cannot have Merlin and that she's this deluded fool/evil/a demanding shrew/etc.

Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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You know it's all about the boyz and any women that gets between their “true love is 4-ever” are shameless floozies and deserve to be smited.
Anyway, bound, gagged and thrown into the nearest fire/river/torture dungeon.
Slash is full of women who hate other women (at least in their writing and maybe in real life). Some writers are angry because they will never get the guy (fill in the blank for the guy). Some writers are openly jealous of any women that the hero fancies or sleeps with. I remember when I started reading Dunnett e-mail lists. I was shocked at the sheer venom directed at any woman that Lymond looked at twice, even Philllipa. Some writers are OK with the presence of women in a story, even as a love interest. But others are so full of rancor that they might as well be on the "Men are persecuted and therefore, must strike back against uppity women" sites.
Furthermore, anybody who needs a spoiler about the eventual outcome of the saga of King Arthur needs to read more widely. Let's see - Mallory. 14th Century. Morte D'Arthur. What's that --- 600 years?

Re: Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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Furthermore, anybody who needs a spoiler about the eventual outcome of the saga of King Arthur needs to read more widely. Let's see - Mallory. 14th Century. Morte D'Arthur. What's that --- 600 years?

You know, when that show Kings was on, people were complaining about spoilers for the Old Testament. And I've seen people complain about historical spoilers, which just baffles me.

I don't get the tendency to drift towards male characters in fandom. It's rather depressing really. And it's even more depressing when people complain about characters 'intruding' who've been part of the mythos from god knows when. If the 15th century can take an important female character, why can't the 21st?

Re: Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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when that show Kings was on, people were complaining about spoilers for the Old Testament.

I saw that. I boggled so hard my eyeballs nearly fell out.

Old Testament is what - 3000 years old? And Kings wasn't exactly covering the most obscure portions of it - if you are in the Western world and don't know the basics about King David by the time Kings rolls around - well, consider yourself unique you didn't get 'spoiled' before :)

Btw, did you know some horrible person spoiled me and told me Enkidu dies and ruined my beautiful Enkidu/Gilgamesh dream, onhoez!

Re: Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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How dare he/she spoil you! The nerve! Let's put Gilgamesh on the forbidden books list so that nobody is "spoiled" for the ending.
Actually, all that ignorance just makes me sad. It's a sobering reflection of where our common culture (Western anyway) has gone. People know the names of the latest rap/trash/ of the day but not the classics (over even Classics lite). Maybe somebody should bring back classics in comic form. I seem to remember something like that from when I was around 10, 11, 12 years old. If the Illiad, Odyssey and yes, even Gilgamesh were in comic form, people would read them and remember the plot. Naturally, lots would argue about the visuals and ignore the poetry but it's better than nothing.

Re: Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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I am actually pretty pleasantly surprised by the number of undergrads I teach who have read either the Iliad or the Odyssey. And who were charmed by them, so I don't quite despair. And when I taught myth this year I had a pile of students from Asia who knew Greek myth very well from books they had been given as children. So these stories do hang on!

Re: Arthur and Merlin 4-EVER!

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The absolutely astonishing thing is that I saw people insist that the David story was obscure and not all that well know. WHAT DID THEY THINK THE STAR OF DAVID WAS FROM? There are points where I just despair sometimes.


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