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I just watched this offering by CBC and it was one of those compellingly awful things that one feels an almost instant desire to rewatch (or maybe that's just me?). My favourite bits were the parts where everyone thought that Judah was the Roman Admiral's catamite, though Admiral was 'no, we're just companions.' because that will set everyone's mind at rest, Mr. Admiral Guy.

It also had Lana from Smallville in it, but she didn't have much to do except get stuck in jail and have miraculously cured leprosy. She did that bit as well as one could.

ETA: Also, forgot to say that there was quite a bit of excellent man-painy screaming and wailing to the heavens, if you like that sort of thing. And if you don't like that sort of thing, then I feel deep sorrow for you.

ETA 2: To date, bits of Ben Hur I have rewatched: all scenes between admiral and Ben Hur. Ben Hur's shrieking manpain outside his abandoned house. Athena telling Ben Hur in bed that this is not a sprint. Actually, all the Athena scenes as well.

ETA 3: Things to say while floating on a bit of wood in the Mediterranean:

Admiral: "Maybe I ordered you unchained because I liked the way you ate grapes."
Judah: WTF?*
Admiral: "Oh yeah, and if that's a Roman ship you've just seen you can come and be my body servant."
Judah: Kinda hoping it's pirates.*

Judah replies not actual part of script. But should have been.

ETA 4: "He's no gladiator, he's my body-servant." <---- ACTUAL LINE IN SCRIPT. I want this on an icon of Ben 'we're just companions' Hur

ETA 5: Every moment that passes is a moment where I reflect on the tragic fact that none of you has probably seen the awesomeness that is this version of Ben Hur. I wish the raft scene was on Youtube so I could show you how amazing it was. A THING OF BEAUTY. THE PEOPLE IN THIS SHOULD FIGHT THE PEOPLE FROM CLASH OF THE TITANS AND THEN THE WINNERS COULD RIDE OFF ON GIANT SCORPIONS. (I must say that I do find it a bit creepy that the message Ben Hur + Esther apparently got from all the crucifixion of Jesus was 'let's snog.' But then I suppose that's better than 'let's go out and kill people.'
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