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lesbiassparrow ([personal profile] lesbiassparrow) wrote2011-07-09 06:28 pm

New Torchwood, yay!

Not only the lovely Gwen, but Mekhi Phifer! Plus evil Bill Pullman!

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Evil Bill Pullman is a great touch - what a role for him. So far, I'm liking it and I'm pleasantly surprised at how good the actors are. Of course, Gwen and Rhys are always a delight but now I find myself worrying about the baby. Naturally Torchwood has some unbelievable touches along with the unbelievable premise. I could not believe that the helicopter couldn't shoot that jeep off the beach but what the heck. This is Torchwood.

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I can't wrap my head around Bill Pullman being evil. I just can't.

I too worry about the baby. I suspect there is danger for her or Rhys.