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Courtesy of an Amazon sale I bought Season 3 of Babylon 3 (and 2, but it hasn't arrived yet) and have been rewatching it. It's as awesome as I remember and I have a hard time believing that the person who was responsible for this was also responsible for the horror, YES HORROR, of Byron and the telepaths in season 5. A season I will not be rewatching because I like to pretend that never happened, along with Tracy Scoggins taking over Claudia Christian's role. But there are some small mercies in her leaving the show; apparently the horror that was Byron and his hair was intended as a romantic partner for Susan. I KID YOU NOT.

Why would someone come up with that? It was bad enough with Talia, but Susan!!!!

ETA: I had forgotten that Season 3 brings in Zathras and brings back Sinclair. *Sigh* Into each life a little rain must fall and so forth. At least they don't bring in Scoggins until season 5. If she had hit my screen at this point I would have stabbed myself.

ETA 2: Well, I will give Sinclair his due: he is a master of the artful and annoying pause.

Date: 2011-07-22 09:16 am (UTC)
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Coincidence alert! I've been rewatching my Babylon 5 DVD's as well. I only have season 3 and 4. I don't find Sinclair all that watchable, he's a grand actor but he seems to be like he's in a stage play rather than TV, if that makes sense.
I liked the Shadow War storyline. I thought it had a very epic feel even though sometimes it was very obvious that they were on little to no budget in some episodes. I also like Marcus Cole. He was actually the reason I bought seasons 3 & 4.
As for Byron, I wonder if they had cast someone who could act, would he have been less annoying? Because I unfortunately caught one of his episodes on F/X the other day and I never wanted to throw a chair at someone so much. He was condescending to Lyta Alexander. I mean, the woman was modified by the Vorlons, hasn't she suffered enough?!

Wow, good to see I can still geek out over a show that hasn't been on TV in over a decade. Hah!


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