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Courtesy of an Amazon sale I bought Season 3 of Babylon 3 (and 2, but it hasn't arrived yet) and have been rewatching it. It's as awesome as I remember and I have a hard time believing that the person who was responsible for this was also responsible for the horror, YES HORROR, of Byron and the telepaths in season 5. A season I will not be rewatching because I like to pretend that never happened, along with Tracy Scoggins taking over Claudia Christian's role. But there are some small mercies in her leaving the show; apparently the horror that was Byron and his hair was intended as a romantic partner for Susan. I KID YOU NOT.

Why would someone come up with that? It was bad enough with Talia, but Susan!!!!

ETA: I had forgotten that Season 3 brings in Zathras and brings back Sinclair. *Sigh* Into each life a little rain must fall and so forth. At least they don't bring in Scoggins until season 5. If she had hit my screen at this point I would have stabbed myself.

ETA 2: Well, I will give Sinclair his due: he is a master of the artful and annoying pause.

Date: 2011-07-22 11:07 am (UTC)
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How anyone thought Byron and his telepaths were a good plot idea remains one of the mysteries of television. (the other is how do all the telepaths on the run manage to keep their hair so shiny...)

But yeah, B5 season 3 was glorious. Even the cheesy Arthur episode with Michael York.


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