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So. I watched 'A Prefect Murder' and 'Coup by Clam' and again we have the schizophrenic writing

I loved the first. Except for the fact that red-headed girl (the second one, but she is like the first, but I don't think she is) suddenly switched into a decentish person with no forewarning that I could see. As I really don't like her and have no idea why her and the three eyed granny are on the crew this annoyed me because it is probably a sign that they are keeping her. But still I really liked it and it made me think yet again 'this is a great show'. It's cheesy a lot of the time, but I still really like it.

But 'Coup by Clam.' Okay, did I really have to have to see Granny pee? And the drinking of pee? And her and D'Argo sharing a sexual moment? And this was topped off by Crichton in the worst drag gear ever. (Though Rygel was cute in his).

These two episodes are representative of my relationship with the whole series. Except for season 2, which I thought was pretty strong througout.

Please someone tell me this is the end of the urine/poo/farting plot elements? And that Granny leaves the cast soon? Because I'd really like to watch to the end of the show, but I am not sure I can take this sort of humour much more.


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