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So I watched the new Doctor Who and I have much mad love.  Um, I seem to be typing that a lot lately, but this is a new, higher quality love, greater than any I have had for any of this season.

There was a lot of old Who (both of last and old school in this one), including the 'I lost my Tardis woes!' of Pertwee's Doctor and Dalek's 'I'm too slow for this door, but let me go out with some dignity' bit. And it was totally excellent, every last bit of it. Including great music; normally I don't really notice, but this was brilliantly well scored.  Including the conversation between the Doctor and Ida at the pit in The Satan Pit. And that scene looked gorgeous and was so well acted on all fronts - including the people at the top listening to her and saying goodbye.  I may have sniffled at that bit because of the strings in the background. And the acting, but strings in the background just get me every time.

Can I just say, first off that as someone who shrinks from being hugged I loved the 'can I hug you random captain I've just met' question in The Impossible Planet. Because just glomming onto people you don't know is wrong, you should always ask first.  Yes.  I am going to have this tatooed on me one day.

The Ood were scary. Just when you felt bad about being scared of them because they were all opressed and enslaved, they turn out to be possessed by the devil and ready to kill you dead.  And that devil was suitably alarming and horned and unknowable - and I very much enjoyed seeing the Doctor run up against the limits of his knowledge and something that was beyond his ken.  (But silly man, he should know from Enlightenment that there are things that can exist outside time and to whom the normal rules of time and space do not apply). And the transfer of intelligence thing was a clever twist (maybe it is not clever and I am stupid) because I was not expecting and thought the Doctor would have the talky thing with the Devil going backwards and forwards and maybe a nice cup of tea, but they did not because the Devil was on board the ship. 

And horray for smart Rose, who not only cared about people but also a) could inspire people and b) come up with plans. And lift stools and eject Satan from a rocket.  I think she deserves 900 billion points for the ejecting Satan thing.  (BTW, is the first time she's been allowed to fire a gun?) But the odds on her dying just shot through the ceiling, especially when the Doctor said that she wouldn't. Because if the Doctor says that I think the fates start dogging your steps and just waiting for the right moment to pick you off.

What a great supporting cast as well; I actually cared about them all including the overwhelmed replacement captain (which reminded me of Pitch Black a bit). And I was glad they acknowledged the not saving of the Ood and had the bit about reeling their names off at the end, becuase you actually felt that people had learned stuff from this episode. And maybe wouldn't go about madly oppressing them and thinking nothing of them again.

In fact everything was excellent.  I cannot think of anything I would change.  Lost civilisations and devils and black holes are obviously my things.

And next week we have Jackie's knickers.  What more could you ask for?

Date: 2006-06-12 01:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] twilight-zen.livejournal.com
I've fallen for this show. I'll miss the original Doctor... Christopher Eccleston? I came to really love him. But I think I'll love the new one too. I hope scifi starts it up when the the Stargate season start because it would make my summer much happier.

Date: 2006-06-12 03:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lesbiassparrow.livejournal.com
I still prefer Eccleston over this one - not that this one isn't quite strong, it's just that well... Oh, I don't have a reason, other than he's a great actor and I thought he worked really well with Billie Piper. There was sniffling when he left.

I suspect if they get the next season it'll be after summer - I think this time round it was a replacement for Battlestar Galactica. So you might be waiting a bit for it. :(


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