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Just watched this for the first time in a while and while I do love it it I am 

a) struck by how dumb the Doctor is in this one.  'Do I have the right....?' Sure you do, and horrific wars bringing some people together in the occasional treaty is not enough of a reason to leave homicidal machines to run riot in the universe.  'Out of their evil must come something good' makes me gnash my teeth like a mad woman. 

b) also struck by how happy the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry are seconds after seeing Davros wipe out various scientists who wanted to stop him. They're all 'oh that was sad'  and seconds later there was mad glee. Of course, it only lasted seconds because there were Daleks on their trail, but still they bounced back fast after seeing people slaughtered in front of them.

c) a bit astounded by how happy the Doctor is to leave other people to deal with messes. Oh yes, let the various mutants and leftovers from the military deal with killing the Daleks.  Because they've got the capacity to do a bang up job with that.

I think a lot of this is even worse with the retroactive knowledge that the Doctor had to blow up Gallifrey and all the badly dressed time lords and ladies because he was so very stupid.  I bet he was sorry for that one.  Now I think of it, I suspect that that makes this one a wee bit better because he paid for his sins, he did.  Or rather, everyone else did. 
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