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Rome: how I do love you. Except that you have made Cicero all squirrilly and that's rather sad.

Poor Brutus: no idea what he's getting into with Antony and trying to retain his honour, although he doesn't realise no one else has it. Antony was a right bastard he was, but he knew how to revenge friends. It might have been one of his redeeming qualities. The other was probably his willingness to be made fun of (according to Plutarch, at any rate).

I really like the way Octavian is so cold in this (it reminds me of Syme's portrayal of Augustus as an icy, efficient politician). I suspect he will end up killing Pullo as a liability because he's that sort of person. I wonder how they will handle the Antony-Octavia thing and how that will pan out.

And for a bit I have not been filled with glee, but I decided to focus on the positive and think about shiny happy things. Like the fact that I recently had a lovely lunch with someone I haven't seen for a while and she was a lot of fun and we bitched about my horrible colleagues and mad people in general. And on Saturday I went to hear Ray Wylie Hubbard twang his guitar in McCabe's and HE WAS AMAZING. It wasn't just the music - he told these hilarious stories about living in Poetry, TX and goats wandering in the yard and him thinking they were the devil and writing songs about it. This is not the sort of music I normally like and it was prefaced by a rather odd band who sang songs with horrid lyrics but he still made it all wonderful.

Also I just bought Season One of Veronica Mars on DVD. I have never seen it but everyone says it is great and so I look forward to it. Yay for things to watch!

Um. One last thing. I have recently gotten interested in Star Wars (the prequel) again. To the extent that I have actually rented 'The Phantom Menace' to see if it as bad as I recall. It can't honestly be, can it?
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