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Um. I am ashamed but though I know they are doomed, doomed, etc. I still think Rui and Makino are cute together, even if madly mismatched in height. All that violin playing angst needs to be comforted! Plus, less shouting than Doumuyouji. Which is probably not what Makino would want as she does rather like shouting back, but still! Yummy quiet, very wealthy angst is not to be sniffed at. Also he has no evil mother. Though I guess there might be one in the offing who is just better hidden than D's hideous parent.

I stay constantly astonished at the annoyingness of Shigeru. I guess the thing is that she probably ought to work with Doumyouji because they are somewhat alike what with the shouting and the fits that a five year old would throw, presumably because they were socialized by wolves or something of that ilk. But they don't work because presumably they need to be with normal people to maintain some semblance of sanity. She should pair up with Makino's brother when he is a bit older.

One of the things I like about this show is the friendships, though. Especially Makino, Yuuki and their boss. I do miss her stories about her past loves from series one, but I also like the way she poses dramatically and delivers pithy pronouncements in profile. I would like to have this talent as I feel it would make people listen to me more.

The other thing I shamefully admit to liking is mad suicide of Ken. While I do not like the angst it brings and the waste of a life I do rather approve of rubbing the people who are responsible for your layoff noses' in it. If that were the only option I had I think I'd probably aim for the guilt inducing moment as well. And if Doumyouji corporation is so weak that a 20 year old's pronouncement could bring it to its knees then there is something terribly wrong with it. What on earth could he have said? That he was planning on burning all their offices down and replacing them with bouncy castles? And then declaring war on America? The mind boggles.

But evil mum quite clearly just loves controlling people - it's not even about the corporation, it's about getting her son to do what she wants. Because clearly Doumyouji is a better functioning person with Makino than without and will be a better and more responsible person if he's with her...but evil mum cannot deal with him having an existence that is separate from her will. Ahhhh...evil mum, no wonder your son is barely functional as a civilized person.

ETA: Ken, you bastard. Oh evil mum you go further and further. I suspect she was Caligula in a previous life.

How amazing was Heroes? I rather like these glimpses of bleak futures because they don't stick us there and force us to sit through episodes of grim cityscapes. But scarred Peter looked dashing and I could see him with Niki very easily. I may be alone in this but I like her and bruised quality. And her mad loyalty to Micah which cuts across both personalities. But then I liked Simone too.

But everything about this episode was amazing. But I can't work out if Matt knew that Nathan was Sylar because of the mind reading or if Sylar could block him too?

And in totally unrelated news: I hate a) 18th century Irish and b) gothic script. Why do you need to mark lenition with a dot which I can barely see on my photocopy?

And god, moving is expensive. The quotes I am getting are extraordinary - maybe I should just move the books and make furniture out of them?
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