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I'm going to preface this by saying that I know that a lot of what I like and and don't like is all about my taste.  But it's my LJ so I am about to do the mad egomaniac thing and talk about it anyway.  (Also, as a person who doesn't actually produce fanfic beyond the odd tiny rubbishy story, it is a bit cheeky of me to complain about other people's writing).

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I am watching the TV movie from 1996 which is filled with awesome cheesiness ('You can call me...master' followed by glowing green eyes. Wonderful stuff).   Yes, Grace did kill Seven, but she didn't mean to.  Poor woman, I bet it traumatized her endlessly.   

ETA: Oh, I'd forgotten the windmill arm acting!  Paul McGann got in some great moves there.   

ETA 2: Do they ever explain anywhere why the Doctor has a sudden fondness for living in a psuedo-Gothic cathedral?  Other than a sudden church fetish, that is. 

ETA 3: The master coming down the steps is so very excellent.  All lovely posing and hugging of the wee boy he has picked up. It is so very wrong and somehow so very right at the same time. 

ETA at this point I am no longer counting: Why does the theme music of the TV movie sound like the bastard child of the original theme by way of a Nazi marching band? Why?  

And regarding fanfic for X-men universe (there is no connection here, but just go with it) - why would anyone want to imagine Wolverine writing a poem?  I bet he'd shred anyone who ever came within 50 feet  of him even bearing a poetry book.  Also I encountered baby fic; that is so many shades of wrong.  Why must babies pervade everything, including the lives of semi-feral mutants?*

*not that I hate babies or anything: they just have a time and a place. 
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I got Earthshock in the post today. I go watch Adric die now.  And die of the heat, but, still, companion death ahead!

ETA: Adric still not dead yet. But lots of sadism and the Doctor flinging himself in the path of a Cybergun to save Tegan's life.  And speaking of sadism, they reference that one quite explictly in this episode; nice to know that they were thinking of the children.  And they wrote Adric extra special annoying in the beginning so you'd really dislike him and feel really bad when he gets killed.

ETA 2: As promised there was excellent Cyberleader bottom (funny how I didn't notice this before). No Doctor!  You mustn't save Adric! No!

ETA 3: Adric not saved and went boom!  No loud music over credits.  Just sad picture of Adric's star.  Bye, Adric. You never had a chance to win the Doctor's love, not with Tegan around.   

ETA 4: The commentary for this is every bit as good as everyone said. 'I spent the entire series with my hands in my pockets.' 'Well, you did have a smile on your face all the time.'

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Whenever I watch Peter Davison's Doctor it does seem as if he got the most physical abuse of any of the Doctors: they whack him good.  And they whack him often. I assume this was a way to toughen up his mild image and general aura of niceness, but sometimes it just really freaks me out.

The most disturbing thing was watching The Caves of Androzani where Five is actually stumbling around the place bleeding. I can't tell you very terrifying that was as a child because I don't recall ever seeing blood on Who before - and certainly not on the Doctor, whom I think I probably thought of as pretty much made of wood and steel. Obviously given that this is Who, I'd seen people (plenty of them) hurt and dead, yes, but actual blood, no.  I wonder how they got that past the censors? (I know that ITV used to have a rule for Robin of Sherwood where they could kill as many people as they liked but they couldn't show blood or wounds and I think that was a general rule for deaths on children's TV at the time).

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I'm not sure what it is, but I think I grow madly tolerant of everything in my advancing years.  While I still (and probably always will) have lingering Nine longing, I quite like this season so far.  But I am now officially the only person on LJ who wants David Tennant to lick nothing ever again.   I would pay good money for this.  

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Long weekend and I should be off doing things and stuff but I have plague.  It is not totally counteracting the greatness of Carolina's win tonight but the shrieks of delight were a bit subdued. And not only do I have plague but I have to clean the flat (guests are probably entitled to have somewhere to sit) and I cannot see X-Men this week as I promised to see it with a friend who is currently away.

Have finished The Five Doctors. I am still of the opinion that 'no....not the mind probe!' is the best line ever in a Who episode.  But Gallifreyean fashion sense is so awful it could very well rip the fabric of space and time.  I'm astonished that both Romanas had excellent taste in clothes (I'd suspect non Gallifreyean mums but that would open a whole new world of looms vs. sex vs Gallifreyeans think too much of themselves to shag non time lords debate). And in other completely unexciting news have ordered a bunch of DVDs including Earthshock (aka the one where Adric dies).  How do I not own that?

Am now watching Robin of Sherwood. Wow, they really liked to put Praed in excessively tight leggings. Which was very kind of them, but I think I did read once that they had a tendency to split in filming as he ran like a deer through the forest and the sun lovingly reflected off his dark hair... Er, sorry got a little carried away there.

And there needs to be more Five/Tegan fic. So I can read it. 
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The Visitation is problematic in that it has Nyssa and Adric, a double whammy of horribleness.  But it also has people offering possets and Adric being all miffed that Tegan doesn't like him (Tegan always had excellent taste).   

Um, is it just me or is there something slashy about Tegan and Nyssa's relationship?  There's a lot of hugging, which means something  I am sure. And I sometimes like the way she shouts at Five and makes him pout. There is something seriously wrong with me.  Er, is there good fic out there about the pair of them?  Please do not judge me!   

Oh fine, go ahead and judge me, just point me to the fic!  I HAVE NO SHAME.

ETA: There is a very disturbing scene where Adric appears to be trying to have a look up Tegan's skirt while she tries to get them out of prison.  Little bugger.

ETA 2: Ha! Adric went out to save the Doctor and got captured. And Tegan and the Doctor have spent some quality time in a cell together. Admittedly there was a highwayman present and Tegan was under mind control, but it was a prison.  

ETA 3: You know, I don't think I mind Adric and Nyssa as much as I used to. Either I am growing more mellow in my old age or I am sicker than I thought.  Also if Tegan likes Nyssa (and she does) then there must be something about her that is okay.

ETA. Oh feck, this is getting ridiculous. Am now watching The Five Doctors.  With the Master and Time Lords wearing their usual horrible outfits. And sickness (and perhaps bitterness between the leads due to disastrous relationship) has made me think Romana II and Doctor Four, not as wondrous as I recall. Mind you, I am basing this upon three seconds on a punt, so it is not worth anything at all, in fact, it is a comment surely brought about by massive quantities of nyquil. 

 ETA 5 billion. Have retracted comments about everything for the moment of horror which is Five checking out Susan. There was definite looking and smirking until (Faux) One cut them off.  The Doctors are very disturbed.

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Am watching this as I am at home sick. Oh, Tegan!  And surly, ginger Turlough!  And I am not ashamed to admit it, I like Five.  He's not bad at all.  I think it helps that I didn't see Four except after seeing Five . (What is strange is that although Five was my first Doctor I didn't have problems with the changeover to Six, whom I love with a insane love.  But I did have real problems with the shiftover to Seven.  I think I got more stuck in my ways as I got older or something. )

But the body count is astonishingly high, isn't it?  They kill people off with a shocking abandon. Also there is lots of Doctor abuse as he crashes into the floor as the Tardis goes wonky. 

Excellent, excellent stuff. Apart from the sad ending. 

Now if only they would release Enlightenment on DVD I would be a happy person.  I've been reading comments about this on various people's journals and it reminds me of how much I love it and how scared I am that my tape will one day break and leave me Englightenmentless.  How can you not like an episode which has:

1. Bored immortals dressed as space pirates and Edwardian sailors
2. The black and white guardians with hollowed out birds on their heads
3. Shifty, treacherous Turlough. 
4. Tegan!  In a pretty frock for once!  
5. Ship racing in space
6. The Doctor and Turlough pretending to be sailors. There's a world of slash in that scene alone
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How good was this episode? So good I had commentary for the blind over part of it and I still thought it was amazing! 

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1. You should never learn from experience. Because if you do you won't have any adventures. And get to blow your home planet up, because you forget that the Daleks are soulless evil and not kill them off when you have the chance.

2. People who are in wheelchairs and disfigured are likely to be evil and trying to build a master race that will wipe out all other life forms.

3. Tinfoil and bubblewrap are terrifying things to behold.

4. Pressing buttons you shouldn't is a good thing. (This might be a repeat of number one, but who cares?)

5. Messing about with time lines is not a good idea because it can get you eaten. Except for the bits when you're in the future, because that's okay, despite the fact that we never know when Gallifreyan time is relative to the future...and I refuse to think about that because it makes my head hurt.

6. Earth is irresistable to mad aliens. I think there must be a giant Galactic map with 'Earth: so much fun to conquer and destroy unless you encounter the Doctor slumming it for a bit' written with marker on it that all aliens possess. A bit like maps to the stars' homes. Possibly it is sold by the side of planetary bypasses.

7. After puppies humans grow up and leave that cute stage you should leave them behind and never think of them again. Because when you do there will be sorrow and it will be all about you and how bad you felt about it for five seconds when you left them in the pound Aberdeen.

8. The Doctor has no map. The Doctor needs no map. Nor will he ask for directions.

9. Your home planet was annoying when it existed, but now you've destroyed it it becomes a nice device whereby everything would be sort of better if it existed. Except for fashion, because the Gallifreyans couldn't come up with a good outfit if they were given lessons by Chanel.

10. Male companions should be stripped down and interrogated as often as possible.

ETA: 11. Love is best expressed by means of a robot dog.
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So I watched this and there...was something.

cut for something or other. Oh right, spoilers and other things including my pain )

and for good measure spoilers for the Girl in the Fireplace )

ETA: Also the BBC is clearly punishing me for making fun of Who 'special' effects by making me unable to sleep. Curse you, long reach of the BBC.
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Never in about a billion years did I think Carolina would blow out NJ that way. Amazing, especially as I thought that they would be instantaneously crushed.

So, there is joy and thankfully not too much of a hangover today from the drinkathon last night so I could enjoy it properly.

But what is this I read about the new episode of Who? I can't believe it!

cut for spoilers for Girl in the Fireplace an episode I haven't even seen yet. Plus ire. )
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My very deep School Reunion Review

mad spoilers ahoy )
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I saw this picture over on [livejournal.com profile] jonquil's journal and it struck me as terribly sad. Because the Doctor has clearly been reduced to nicking biscuits like some time travelling orphan from Dickens. Look at him, he's all nervous because this is the first time he's eaten in months and he is scared someone is going to take his only food from him.

click here for tragic picture )
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So. In honour of Saturday's Doctor Who and the possible fandom implosion and old times on Who, I bring you a poll. Also because I have too much work to do and am thus spending all my time on the net because who really wants to write a research proposal on 18th century working class female poets?

So, votey, if you like. So if Four's episodes were at about the same stage as Ten's what would the internet have been saying about him and Sarah Jane?

[Poll #718338]
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A lot of time as a Who fan is spent assuring people that the monsters are meant to be scary. And that, yes indeed, you trembled before Daleks, whimpered at Cybermen, and tried not to giggle felt something at seeing the Brain of Morbius.

Monsters are also where companions come into their own. The decibel level of their screams lets you know how terrifying this monster/villain/bit of tinfoil on a stick is supposed to be.

Behind the cut is a brief review of some of the Who monsters. When you look at these please do remember that special effects in Who traditionally had a budget of about 50p most of which got spent on cups of tea in the canteen for the poor bastard who had to come up with the evil opponent of the week from eggcups, string, foam, and whatever else he could steal from rubbish bins.

Monsters! Villains! Mainly old school, but a few from the new series. Not Dial-up friendly. Also tiny spoiler for Season 2 )
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Companions come and companions go, but the Tardis is semi-eternal. Yes, she is frequently unreliable, often explodes (but only out of love), needs fuel at the most inconvenient times, and is stuck in an anachronistic shape. But she is also bigger on the inside than the outside, has a gigantic wardrobe full of the Doctor's unfortunate fashion choices, and is telepathic. And blue.

The full (possibly shocking) story of the Doctor's and the Tardis' love lies behind the cut. Not at all dial up friendly. But no spoilers.

Read more... )
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Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love Troughton. In a totally non lusty way except for the disturbing bits where I find him strangely hot. Also Jamie and his wee kilt. And there was very brief handholding between the Doctor and Jamie which proves they doing more than playing the recorder in the Tardis.

I have no Troughton icons. This makes me sad.

ETA: Two has told Victoria he is really quite lively in a blatant attempt at persuading her to join him and Jamie in something probably quite shocking. How did they allow this sort of thing of national TV? Mary Whitehouse must have been sleeping for one.


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