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Yesterday I made the trek to Artesia to see this (I half wanted the over the top angst of Omkara but SRK was too tempting for one of the people I went with). It's an all star film about two couples whose various parties meet up at different stages and two of whom have an affair. The two that do are the very lovely Rani Mukherjee (Maya) and the also very excellent Sharukh Khan (Dev); Rhea is married to a man that she doesn't love and never did (the film suggests that she married him out of friendship and some poorly timed sense of gratitude), Dev is a former soccer star who has had a debilitating injury and now is a very angry man. Even with Maya, whom he falls in love with. Their spouses are nice people, but at least in Maya's case, entirely unsuitable for their partners. Everyone in this film has good intentions - Maya and Dev become friends because they are both in unhappy marriages and want to try and make them work - but well, it doesn't work out like that at all.

The New York Times is rather dismissive of this film as standard Bollywood fare with the singing and the dancing, but this is because whoever reviewed it quite clearly does not approve of these things in films and thus wishes that Bollywood would make totally different films that they can approve of: I got the impression they were miffed because the film wasn't French or something like that. As I like the singing and the dancing and the over the topness of Bollywood I wish someone would point out that not all cinema has to look the same.

But anyway! This film is often cheesy to be sure, but still quite good. Behind the cut are pictures of the lovely looking and angst-ridden people in the film. There are also some plot spoilers, but not for the ending.

Pictures, which are very much not dial up friendly )
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I saw Krissh on Saturday and really shouldn't be posting about it as I am not sure I have the words.  If I had more energy and was not coughing my wee lungs out in this heat I would certainly do a picspam, but alas, I am not up to the challenge.

Krissh is the sort of film that only (thankfully) comes along once in a generation: a film which has the courage to put its superhero lead into a clown costume and have him cheerily dance around with other clowns singing of his love in the Bombay Circus.  Take that, Hollywood!

Hrithik Roshan smiles so much in this film he could be a sycronized swimmer; basically he bounces around like an overgrown puppy loving his woman, being chided by his grandmother and performing feats of strenght in the countryside, until he dons the mask and some pleather and fights crime in the city for a wee bit.  He also carries his own wind machine with him everywhere so it blows his long hair fetchingly when he needs it.  And he can also catch fish with his bare hands so he is quite useful at dinner time if you happen to be near a lake.

Really, there is nothing I could write to quite describe this film, so here's the website: http://www.krrishthemovie.com/
Go see and wonder for yourself!


Apr. 2nd, 2006 11:21 pm
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Today I went to see Rang de Basanti in Artesia. It was absolutely amazing in all sorts of ways. I'm a huge Aamir Khan fan so it wasn't going to take too much to sell me on it, but his co-stars were very impressive. As a reflection on when ordinary citizens are justified to taking to violence in the face of opression it's 10 times the movie V for Vendetta is. Not that that is terribly hard. I saw a trailer for RDB before Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai which was selling it as a college friends movie, which is a bit deceptive to say the least.

I also bought several movies, including Water which I am currently watching. It's about widows in preindependence India and I so know this isn't going to turn out well. I suspect I will end up sobbing on my sofa at the end of it.

I now also own Bunty aur Babli, Sarkar, and Dilwale Duhlhania le Jayenge. The woman at the shop threw in a DVD of SRK songs for nothing as well. I think she is hoping that I will come back and buy all the films that include the songs I like. She may not be wrong as I don't have a lot of will power when faced with racks of Bollywood movies.

ETA: I had to stop watching Water as I am pretty sure we're at the point where everything is going to go bad and I can't bear to see that. Whimper.
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The conference went well. And by well, I mean people said nice things and at least I have satisfied myself that I couldn't be as bad as the guy whose paper apparently consisted of 'things I find interesting about Chinese and Hebrew.' They're publishing some of the papers, so I am hoping mine gets included in that bunch as that would be a nice thing to add to the CV. And New York was nice and I got to see Columbia, which I never have before, and there was no shaming scene before important academics, so it's all good.

Tonight I am back from Little India in Artesia seeing what has to be the cheesiest melodrama ever: Humke Tumse Pyaar Hai. It's a film that tries to fit the plot of every Bollywood film ever made into about 2 and 1/2 hours. There's a blind girl, gangsters, a dead mother, the alps, a little brother who disapears unaccountably about half-way through, a millionaire, lost love...oh god, I could not catalogue it all had I a tongue of bronze. It has cheese upon cheese and at the end some scene I didn't quite understand with guns, but despite this it may well be the best film ever made. Honestly, how can you not like a Bollywood film with a scene with a mad accordianist and milkmaids (well, I think they were milkmaids) in the Alps?

ETA: Also the film had goats and camels at one point. Goats, camels and the Alps. It doesn't get any better than that.


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