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This is probably one of the things you are not ever supposed to admit, but I do see the new Who and the old Who as disparate things. All right, they've both got Daleks and companions, but still I don't think that you have to watch through all the old ones to get the new one. Especially as everyone now has gone through the stresses and trauma of a new doctor and a new companion. Once you've gone through that rite of passage and the whole process of having to adjust to the shift, I think you really know what Who is all about.

That said, you are missing some amazing things in early Who if you don't look at old episodes. And one of those amazing things is Troughton, the second Doctor. Not only is he brilliant and has great companions but also the episodes still look good - the ones the BBC didn't burn, that is. (I bet they're sorry now and many executives weep when they think of all the money they are losing). Something about black and white film, the camera work (Troughton gets some of the best of that), and the excellent writing makes these seem crisper than some other early stuff. Maybe because compared to what else was out there, Who at this stage wasn't that far behind, whereas with some of the later Who the special effects are clearly not exactly cutting edge. I will try not to mention the horror of Doctor Seven's cardboard Daleks.

Also there is Jamie. And Zoe, who makes a computer explode through math. And the great thing? She does it because it really annoys her and is allowed to have a great deal of fun with it. There's no 'oh, this is a big deal, which I must solve with math, look kiddies, math!' - it's just 'hey this computer is very annoying, I will feed it impossible equations until it blows up! Yay!' THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF THIS ON WHO. People need to have more fun with tormenting machinery.

And there is the introduction of UNIT. And Cybermen invading earth. What more could you ask for?

ETA: 30 Rock: Welcome to the country where we don't go out in the evening because of the wolves! Hee! For some reason this reminds me of where I used to live as a kid where sometimes you had to bring the cat in because it got so windy that otherwise it would blow away. I am not kidding about this.


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