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In honour of MPreg day, because such boldness and challenging of norms surely deserves to be honoured, I bring you other fanfic genres which surely deserve their own days too. Just so you know TO DENY THIS IS PREJUDISM. We must counter this by having 365 days of fics that rebel against tyrannical norms. Because only that way can The Man be defeated.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

1. Octuplets Fic day.  Because if having one baby is good, then having eight must be better.  There can be wacky hijinks in the delivery room!  Babies everywhere including in the bathroom sink, scattered all over the place, left on the tops of cars, backed over in the driveway.  And you can kill off a few of them and cause your main characters angst and single tears which will trickle down their faces.  Extra bonus points for MPreg/Octuplet combo fics.

2. Vegetable and Fruit love day. Those unsung heroes, they sit there quietly in the background of tracking shots, waiting for their moment in the sun, lusting quietly and doing it in the 'fridge.  And we all know the main character loves them better than the bint he's doing at the moment.  I've already begun mine in the Who fandom: 

'As Jack's firm, manly hand gripped it surely and lovingly, the banana quivered as it never had before.  It wanted this, wanted all of Jack, oh it wanted.  But did it dare to betray the Doctor?  It was the last of the Gallifreyean bananas, the last link the Doctor had to the fruit of home...'  

You know the banana would be the best companion ever.

3. Taking a leg off your hero and seeing what happens  I've noticed a disturbing trend in fanfic:  there's a distinct fondness for heroes - and heroines who have both legs. This is clearly able bodyism of the worst sort!!! So lets try lopping off one of those legs and making them have lots of athletic sex. With hopping and toppling over. Hey, in Who it's practically canon.

4. I've got no bits! fic. For the asexualists or just the really inventive amongst us.  Why this fondness for the endowed?  Why do we discriminate against those who might be less, shall we say, capable in that department? Think of the great reveal! The cries of anguished horror at seeing what lies under those clothes.

5. Necrophilism. Because both parties don't need to be alive for it to be fun!

I think I may have broken my brain writing this. 


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