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So. That was about the best thing ever. And it ended about as well as you can expect a series about a bunch of freedom fighters struggling against a colonial power to. Especially when that colonial power doesn't leave until 1945. But there was one scene which just ripped my heart out, threw it up in the air, and then did a little dance on it with spiked heels.

Naturally to reduce my trauma I felt I needed to post pictures.

Picspam of lovely people fighting for Korea's freedom behind cut. Also spoilers )

ETA: I finally received Last of the Mohicans and am watching it but, um, I am a bit shocked by the scene in the fort between Daniel Day Lewis and the Colonel's daughter. You know what I am talking about. Zip is also a bit strange in that you never really know what you are going to get. They've gone from Babylon 5 to Veronica Mars (and god knows when I will get another Young Riders DVD).

Last of the Mohicans comments. )
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...this is the kdrama for you.

Right now the heroine, having dumped her playboy suitor because she found out that he was only chasing her to win a bet (he was in the beginning but then he fell in love), is trying to seduce a Korean who works as a top Japanese policeman, because this will help the cause of an independent Korea. And she is so bad at it that her strategy was obviously shadowing him and then thrusting these tickets for a film at him while shouting an invitation to a date. It was the least seductiony seduction I've ever seen. And then, although he is interested in her, he refused because he can't work out why she would care for him because she's been insulting him all along for working for the Japanese. And now the heroine, her mother, seduction target, and playboy suitor are having the most awkward dinner in the world.

It is quite excellent especially as heroine's handler is a geisha who can't really work out why the heroine would have problems on the seduction front even though she is of deep Victorian sensibilities.

Plus the clothes are great.

ETA: WTF? The heroine is arrested and tortured? And neither of the guys can do anything about it?


Oct. 6th, 2007 11:23 pm
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I just got a $160 phone bill and I can't work out why: the bloody thing is too complicated to read. I am not quite sure how one can rack up long distance charges when you are apparently paying a flat fee for long distance but apparently I managed it and this bill suggests that it will be a regular occurrence. Honestly, I don't consider myself that stupid but this bill is far too much for a simple intellect like mine. Hopefully when I call tomorrow they will explain* the mysteries of this piece of paper.

And I saw the Bollywood film 'Gangster' which was excellent, if not the cheeriest thing. I felt, however, that if I were the heroine I would have been much more impressed by the gangster of the film title's brooding good looks. It appears the director agree with me as the scenes between him and the heroine were incredibly hot even though he did little less than look longingly at her.

I just started watching the Kdrama 'Capital Scandal' which is about Japanese imperialism in Korea in the 1930s. It comes with a healthy dose of Korean freedom fighters and lots of dancing and cool clothes.

*I suspect this explanation will be 'you owe us $160' which will mean I will have to find a different service - a real pain as I have my internet through them as well.


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