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I just saw this, the latest Shahrukh Khan film, and it was AWESOME. There was a lot of shouting and running and field hockey and most importantly Shahrukh Khan doing all of these things often at the same time. I now want to go out and shout Chak De! to people. And if I wouldn't die of a heart attack I would take up playing street hockey once more.

Cut for discussing the most awesome scene which is also obviously a spoiler )

ETA: And now I will destroy my cheery mood by watching the last two episodes of Silence. I keep having to pause this one because the angst is too much. It's almost superangst it is so powerful. The only way I keep myself going is by hoping that the evil dad gets run over by a truck or thrown out of a plane into the desert to suffer. IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IT WILL BE ONE MORE PROOF OF AN UNJUST UNIVERSE.

ETA 2: I thought it wasn't possible for me to hate Evil Dad anymore than I did. Turns out I was wrong. My hatred of him is so pure and burning it gets me through the angst in the other scenes because I am hopeful of a horrific fate for him. I just sit there devising new ones as the episodes go on.

ETA 3: Hey, Evil Dad? You know when you say that maybe god is punishing you? I'd take out the 'maybe' if I were you because I'm pretty sure any just deity would like to do so for your horrible treatment of your wife and son for over 20 years, breaking your son's heart, blackmailing his OTP into leaving him, firing half the workers in your factories, deserting your first wife and never taking care of your daughter by her, and sundry other offences including being a grade A wanker who is horrible to everyone around them.

ETA 4: Well, that was depressing. I think I've read happier Dostoevsky novels.


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