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While waiting for the plumber to come and do something mysterious to our bathroom sink so we can actually use it again, I began to think about what I really want to see on the internet.

I want a cheese blog. Not just a blog that reviews lovely, lovely cheeses from around the world (mmm...Cashelrea cheese, the cheese of the gods!) but one where you could post reviews of good and bad cheese shops. Because I want somewhere to go and complain about the one near me. And it's all about me.

It's called 'Say Cheese' and claims to be a French cheese shop. Even though it's in Los Angeles. And I hates it. Yes I do.

a) it's absurdly expensive beyond what cheese should be and the cheese is often not very good
b) they're really snooty and all 'we're a French cheese shop and we will be nasty and ignore you. Oh, but we'll forget the bit about actually selling good cheese which would make being sneered at worthwhile.'
c) one time I was there and had bought a bunch of different cheese and I asked if they had one with peppercorns in it and the man behind the counter looked at me with disdain and announced 'only in the proper season' in the horrified tones the Pope would probably use if he were faced with topless sunbathers in the Vatican gardens. I have not been back since.

So, there should be one of these. And if there is, can someone please tell me about it?


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