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I am determined to be a Roman matron (too old to be a puella) this Halloween. Anyone have any suggestions for good ones you can buy online? I am terrible with sewing so making one is not really an option as it would doubtless fall apart as some shaming moment.

I had my orientation for my second part time job this morning. It will be fun teaching adults once more though I fear Latin I is not the most thrilling class to teach or take. All that declining and conjugating is deadly. The other sort of adult class I am teaching is going okay though some of the students who should speak up in class don't and some of them clearly can't follow instructions which are clearly written out and said at the start of every class. (I say sort of adult as it is undergraduate and while undergraduates can be very mature and adult, some of them need a little time to grow up still. Not insulting anyone on my friends list who is an undergrad - I am sure you fall into the mature and responsible category and would never dream of hijacking another person's presentation instead of doing the one you are supposed to.)

This year is going to be terribly busy though, as I still have to do my full time job, these classes and get myself into gear to finish an article and think about a talk for a conference in the spring. The last I'm most worried about as the conference will contain many very clever people who know far more than I do about the subject. They might mock me and that would be very traumatising.

I haven't seen BSG yet as I managed to mess up the Tivoing, which shouldn't be possible, but somehow I managed it nonetheless. I have to wait until it repeats so I can record it properly - for some reason all I have is the first 19 minutes of the show.

ETA: Do you know that if you are pregnant you must under no circumstances step over a beaver? According to Pliny the Elder this is a big no-no for pregnant Roman women. I wasn't aware that this was even possible in Rome, but I guess there might have been a rogue beaver problem caused by barbarian pets.


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