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So, um, since seeing a picspam for a Korean romantic comedy Seducing Mr. Perfect I have become rather, shall we say, fascinated by Daniel Henney, model, actor, and (apparently) singer.

Of course, fascination leads to picspams.

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This is the man himself striding towards the camera in a purposeful way. I am not sure what he is selling, but I'd buy it.

More pictures behind the cut. )

Spring Waltz has some very odd subtitles. I'm a bit annoyed as I bought it as a legitimate copy. And on disc three they're out of whack with the sound, so you get the subtitle before they actually say the line.

Okay, I strongly suspect that Philip did not just say to the empty room of the hero:

"While you were gone I enjoyed for you." Enjoyed what? Surely you and piano playing, emotionally distant hero are not having that sort of relationship? But come to think of it there was that time in the Austrian ski resort where you were lolling on the same bed and looking very happy about it. (There's a picture of that scene behind the cut)

It's always a bad sign when the subtitled English is different from the English characters are saying.

But the show does have some lovely scenery and the music is quite gorgeous. Lots of classical music and soulful piano playing. And staring. And Daniel Henney
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So very hungover. Which seems to be getting worse and not better. But on the plus side the Midori is also gone as is the creme de cassis. And some of the tequila and an immense amount of vodka. But the Drambuie is still stubbornly sitting there. I guess my description of it as a rather horrid mistake made by the usually clever at such things Scottish wasn't terribly attractive.

Trying to counteract thumping headache by watching Spring Waltz. But the subtitles don't work on the first disk (and the soundtrack couldn't be shifted from Chinese so I couldn't even try out my 20 words of Korean) and for some reason the second one only has the hero and heroine as children (the unluckiest children in the world I must say - hero's dad ran off with the money for the heroine's operation and her mum got run over as she went to look for it. Then they get lost at sea and then in the big city. And now she's dying. For 10 year olds that's a *lot* of bad luck).

But what traumatizes me the most is that there as yet has been no Daniel Henney. Look I know he's the secondary hero but the show keeps taunting me by showing him in previews. Whhyyyyyyy must you taunt me like this?

ETA: Daniel Henney has just appeared and for some reason given the heroine a ballgown. I am not sure why. Possibly he is just really generous? Or a mad person who keeps dresses in the back of his car for the purpose of giving them to heroines?

ETA 2: OMG. Daniel Henney character (Philip) did not just give the heroine a ballgown but taught her how to waltz and then when she left party because hero accused her of trying to seduce Philip (who is his best friend) and was wandering around the streets of Salzburg and tripped because her shoes were too big he picked her up. And then used his bow tie to tie the shoe on. I might have gone eep during that scene. I will admit nothing however.

Er, this might become a zone of Daniel Henney admiration for a bit. Sorry about that.

ETA 3: Yes, there is definitely a picspam of Daniel Henney in the near future.
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I've just realized that I own Spring Waltz, a Korean drama which features the almost preternaturally good-looking Daniel Henney. Admittedly he's not the lead but still! Melodrama, ahoy! While I am looking forward to having people over tonight getting rid of some of my unwiser choices in my drinks cabinet, still part of me pines to see him being disturbingly attractive on the telly.

And probably as this is one of those tear-jerkers he'd also have to cry. And almost certainly stand around in the rain/cold/snow/hail/whatever other thing a tormented secondary character stands around in.
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This has been a long week what with the car woes and other annoying and expensive things happening. But today to celebrate installing memory in my laptop (sssh. to me it was a real feat because the electrical things have not been liking me lately) I am trying to see what drinks I can make out of my, er, rather extensive array of liquors and such.

I've been really wondering what to do with a bottle of Midori, because it's not a terribly useful drink to just chuck in things. However, a friend suggested mixing with equal parts fresh lemon juice and vodka, which makes a very lovely, refreshing beverage. Mind you, it looks like the sort of thing that a witch would hand you to wipe out your memories forever, but that only adds to the charm. I recommend it highly. Yum!

Tomorrow evening I have a few friends coming over to try and drink some more of the stuff because it can't be shipped to Canada (cruel, cruel country!). If anybody has any suggestions on how to make Drambuie palatable beyond mixing it with perfectly good and innocent whisky I would be grateful.

And if you're ever in Los Angeles this place makes the most amazing cocktails I've ever imbibed: http://www.thehungrycat.com/. They don't make a massive range but everything I've drunk there has been wonderful. Also, they have *amazing* cheese.

I like cheese.

ETA: I am currently watching a Korean film (Seducing Mr. Perfect) with an actor I have never seen before by the name of Daniel Henney. It shouldn't be possible for people to be as goodlooking as him. Seriously, he's like some perfect genetic freak he is so handsome. This picspam, marvellous though it is, still doesn't quite get across how, well, wow, he is on screen.

ETA 2: Is it a bad or a good sign when you watch so many Korean dramas that you start understanding simple conversations in the language?


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